spanish style house

No pesky regulations means buyer beware

This column is about the pre-construction purchase of real property in Mexico, a common practice which in this country is unfettered by pesky government regulations which protect a buyer’s investment. FULL STORY


Fried geckos mean inventive wiring job

When I started doing home inspections in the 2007/2008 winter season in Mazatlán, I quickly discovered Mexican electrical work to be more inventive than I had expected. Without any laws FULL STORY

Rubble is a fixture of most construction sites.

Rusting concrete rebar is a hidden danger

Second of a series entitled The Joy of Construction in Mexico, chronicling the writer’s first steps as a home inspector in Mazatlán. Becoming a home inspector in Mexico presented a number of unique FULL STORY

The ubiquitous five-gallon bucket, an essential piece of equipment.

The 5-gallon bucket: cornerstone of growth

Most of the modern civilizations across the globe have technology and industry as a cornerstone of their economic prosperity and growth. Railroads, communications networks, natural resources and transportation infrastructure are FULL STORY


Crocodile adventure promised some drama

One of my many interesting Mexican friends is Martha Armanta, who is the founder and president of Conrehabit, a Mexican conservation organization that provides wildlife rescue services as well as community FULL STORY