For NAFTA's partners it's death would mean economic calamity.

Why Trump will not keep NAFTA pledge

I’m writing this piece after having just watched the most sinister, darkest, weirdest, inaugural address, I think, ever spoken. I had to read the transcript for it to fully sink in: President FULL STORY

Fox: nursing a herniated testicle and battling senility?

To negotiate or not, that is the question

As reported by Mexico News Daily, former Mexican president Vicente Fox recently advocated for negotiations with Mexico’s wealthy, politically influential and unspeakably violent drug cartels. He anticipated criticism for this FULL STORY

UNGASS: Not an anti-flatulence drug.

Mexico has big stake in UNGASS debate

UNGASS 2016. Sounds like a revolutionary new anti-flatulence drug, but it’s not. It’s the much-anticipated Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly on the World Drug Problem. Its very FULL STORY