Mayor of Los Cabos: tourism unaffected by violence. Mayor of Los Cabos: tourism unaffected by violence.

Los Cabos not alone in terms of insecurity

The violence taking place in Los Cabos is a “serious issue in the whole country,” says Mayor Arturo de la Rosa Escalante.


“There certainly is a nationwide problem with regard to incidents of insecurity,” he said, observing that federal efforts had previously kept it under control in La Paz and Los Cabos.

“We’re doing our part responsibly: purging our [police] corporation and purchasing uniforms and equipment for them. We have the country’s highest paid police, second only to Tijuana,” argued the mayor, who echoed other recent comments that the local tourism industry has barely been affected.

The new equipment has included new patrol vehicles. Thirty more were added to the fleet recently, on top of nine purchased a few months ago and another 14 delivered by the state government.

The violence has had little effect on tourism, he said, noting that Los Cabos is leading other Mexican destinations in growth.

“We’re growing more than any other destination in the country: in 2015 [there were] 1.5 million visitors, in 2016, 2.5 million, and in 2017 we will surely reach 3.2 million.”

The mayor also pointed out that 5,000 new hotel rooms are being built, a figure that is nearly one-third of the already built infrastructure.

De la Rosa rejected the notion that the security strategy in his part of the state had been “relaxed” in the last few weeks, but he acknowledged that it must be reinforced.

“Criminals are looking for ways to get around those strategies. The most important thing is to strengthen the strategy and keep a united front so that the public continues to provide anonymous reports to enable the detection of criminal groups,” he said.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • tito

    Well, your honour, they won’t keep coming from out of country when those newspapers are splashing your bloody city more and gringos already there are likely worried for their own safety and the value of their fake estate!!!

    • jdwfinger

      I like that, where do you live. I lived in Kino Bay and San Carlos until San Carlos became a sh*t hole

  • Stylez

    Wait until the travel advisories make a little more attention. Just around the corner,

    Much of the “growth” is just drug money being invested in buildings and real estate.

  • howard burns

    The Mayor of Los Cabos is an out and out LIAR… was obvious to us that tourist numbers were away DOWN and, we and most of our friends who have been going there for many years, will NOT be returning anytime soon!!!!!!!

    • Clarke

      bullshit mr expert I live and work in Cabo and tourist numbers care far from WAY Down LOL now
      go some where else and tell someone else about something you know nothing about!!!

      • howard burns

        yo say otherwise!!!!I have over twenty years of at least two months annually in the area and I KNOW that numbers are DEFINITELY DOWN…………YOU on the other hand, obviously have a motive

        • Clarke

          LOL lots of snowbirds and partime holidayers think they are Experts on Cabo although in your case I think you think you are an expert on Everything I LIVE in Cabo not Vacation in Cabo I came here first in 1991 and have lived full time, owned property and businesses here for almost 13 years The airport numbers are up over last year and so is the Cruise ship numbers, we have up to 14 new resorts either open or opening soon. The real estate market after years of hang over from the US recession is finally heating up. Is the recent drug violence a concern Absolutly, while 90% of it has taken place in and around San Jose del Cabo it has not affected people lives or tourists experience and as troubling as it may be it is far from the tourists and cartel killing cartel. When you are here you are on VACATION but I am sure you no More dont you always????

  • K. Chris C.

    Pass that buck. And steal that peso.

    An American citizen, not US subject.