Trump: embarrassing to expats. Trump: embarrassing to expats.

An expat apologizes to Mexican neighbors

American expats embarrassed, chagrined by unwarranted attacks by Donald Trump

The picture presented to the American people describing our Mexican friends and neighbors by President Trump is despicable.


The need I have felt as an expat to apologize to the Mexican people is overwhelming and I am grateful to Mexico News Daily for this opportunity.

I do not speak for all American expats living in Mexico but I think it can be safely said that the vast majority of my fellow expats, who are fortunate to call Mexico our home, are embarrassed and deeply chagrined by the unwarranted, misguided and gratuitous attacks on our Mexican friends and neighbors by President Trump and his administration.

My experiences and those of so many of my friends and neighbors have shown time and again the kindness, generosity of spirit, and inventiveness of the Mexican people.

Far from the draconian picture drawn by our new “leader,” (elected with a minority of the popular vote), Mexico’s people daily offer irrefutable proof of a hard-working, upwardly striving, and vibrant society.

The false claims offered in defense of the totally absurd wall proposal are just a piece in the new administration’s quest to bend reality to its selfish and ultimately indefensible upside down world view.


Please help us spread the word and let our Mexican friends and neighbors know that the vast majority of the thousands-strong expat community — Republicans, Democrats and independents alike — are working both individually and collectively to do all possible to oppose Trumpian edicts, most especially as they impact upon our adoptive home.

The direction the Trump administration is taking, most particularly toward Mexico, does not represent the thinking of the majority of Americans and clearly is not reflective of the thinking of the Mexican expat community.

Again my personal apologies for the damage and hurt my misguided government is causing this wonderful country and its citizens.

The writer lives in San Miguel de Allende.

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  • jdwfinger

    I have no problem with the article. This did not happen overnight or even in the last few years. This is the result of what has been brewing for years.
    Ok if you do not like Trump, but the alternative was a political woman for all her life had no soul and was as corrupt as any Mexican politician.
    Why were Trump and Clinton the best that the USA had to offer? I think it is because the system is only looking to protect itself. If you do not think like ME you are a bigot, racist, and a bad human that should be destroyed. People that want to help the country are cast aside as not relevant to what WE know is best for you.
    I think the USA has the society and government it has demanded and now deserves. It will continue to fail and soon the American way of life will be just another country that is more Socialist and will decline more and more.
    The words of Kruschev are coming true.

    • David Williams

      Your evidence that Secretary Clinton “was as corrupt as any Mexican politician”? And, by “evidence,” I don’t mean the sort of alternative facts upon which Der Drumpf built his campaign. I mean actual, verifiable, incontrovertible truths. …………………………………Crickets.

      • G.b. Adams

        But didnt you get $600,000 for two speeches to Goldman Sachs? “Well gosh..Gee whiz..Holy cow..THATS WHAT THEY OFFERED (perplexed smile)..Are you kidding me??

        • Thomas Dowdy-Winslett

          So when trump and his family make billions from using the office of the Presidency of the U.S. for their economic gain, will you call for his impeachment? The very idea of trump calling any else corrupt is laughable.

          • GOPerson

            All of the criticism of Trump seems to be of what he will do. May I borrow your crystal ball?

          • Thomas Dowdy-Winslett

            You don’t need a crystal ball you just need to open your eyes. Time to stop asking anyone to give trump time and a chance. Since taking office he has alienated many neighbors and allies,he emboldened Israel to escalate tensions in the Middle East and then failed to take action, he has used official calls to world leaders to mention interests of his family business, his staff has used a national TV appearance to encourage people to purchase his daughters clothing line, and the kicker after this, he has failed to divest or remove himself from his businesses interest so his calls and actions must be examined in the light of how they are effecting his family business interest.
            The U.S. is often seen as egotistical, wealth obsessed to the point of obscene, dismissive of other people and countries while being ignorant of their cultures, values, and history. Commonly called the Ugly American, this is now who is in the White House.
            So stop pretending like your emperor has clothes – he is an ill-informed (often by choice) dangerous man who in a few days is making enemies around the world. Many of us feel we must apologize and say to those outside the U.S. that he is actions do not represent the will of the majority of the U.S. voters.

          • mrbacchus

            Pay attention to what he says, and what he’s now doing; that should give you a clue.

      • jdwfinger

        I do not like Trump or Hillary, but you must have your head in the sand. Just start with the Clinton Foundation, they pocked hundreds of millions and giving favors, plus they paid out cents of what they took in for the Foundation. A crook is a crook. Trump sold his soul but Clinton never had one

        • mrbacchus

          Proof that the Clinton Foundation paid out cents of what they took in? The facts don’t support you. You can check out the Foundation’s Fed Tax returns. Go online to the Foundation Center’s website, and you’ll find it. I suspect you won’t, because you sound like a Clinton-hater, but if you have any regard for the facts, go there.

  • K. Chris C.

    The problem is the organ grinders not the monkey. Trump is only dancing to his Khazarian organ grinders’ tune. They’re priming the societal pump for another war, Iran, and provisioning scapegoats for the continued descent of the plundered American economy.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

    • Philip Orr

      Good for you

  • Güerito

    “Mexico’s real problem is Enrique Peña Nieto. It’s not Donald Trump. Make no mistake – the real problem in Mexico is corrupt politicians and officials looting the wealth of the country, impoverishing us all and throwing us off a cliff.

    Let’s not be fooled by smoke screens like the Trump Wall. The real problem in Mexico is not the wall, nor Donald Trump – it’s the economic crisis we suffer, the indiscriminate increase of prices, poverty wages, greedy and looting business owners who pay no taxes, absurd gas price increases, the “energy reforms” of Peña Nieto, the nearly 200,000 killed during an alleged war on drugs, the 300,000 disappeared, the 30 corrupt and unpunished former governors who stole billions of pesos from the treasury and have have so far walked away free, the failure of the new criminal justice system, a failed state, the 25 Mexican billionaires in a country with 75 million poor, the Canadian mining multinationals that continue to massacre our land and our peoples, fracking, state crimes committed by the Army and the Navy …

    To enumerate the problems of Mexico we would need dozens of pages. There are so many, and none appear to have a solution as long as we are governed by a gang of corrupt politicians and wealthy millionaires – and as long as we are governed by officials with spectacular salaries, bonuses, gas vouchers and personal benefits.

    I insist, Donald Trump is not the problem.

    To our compatriots in the US, I can only say that here your country is waiting for you to fight again. Your roots and your heritage are here. Here you’ll find the help of your relatives and friends. The solidarity so scarce in the United States is a more frequent attitude here in Mexico.

    And about Trump’s wall. We honestly have more pressing problems than a fence that already exists in part. Our biggest problem is our economy. Let us continue fighting against recent gas price increases to force the government of Peña Nieto to reverse their position. Let’s keep fighting for an increase in wages, a real increase that includes the 80 percent loss of the purchasing power of Mexican workers. Let’s keep fighting, exposing corrupt officials and politicians. Let us continue to demand the resignation of Peña Nieto and the prosecution of members of his government who have enriched themselves illegally, including the First Lady.” (my translation)

    • As one who is happy to be a guest here in Mexico, I think it is case of being a bad guest to blame the hosts for the problems of this country. No matter who fills the office of the Mexican Presidency, any person would have found this hard to confront. Trump did not attack the Mexican President, rather he attacked the integrity and character of the Mexican people suggesting them to be rapists and criminals. The Mexican people I have come to call my neighbors, co-worker, friends, and family do not match Trump’s delusional words.

      Many of the problems facing Mexico are really the problems facing the world because of climate change. Gas prices are going up because the easy to access oil has all been used up. As their product is key to climate change, the oil companies are slowing the transition to retain their power and wealth.

      The cartel problem in Mexico has a very simple fix; if wealthy Americans stopped buying so many drugs, their markets would disappear overnight. The supply (cartels) is simply responding to a demand (Americans).

      The corruption problem is very real and is sadly linked to all major parties. Part of the solution is very clear; declare at the next election that the party will be expected to reimburse the government any of their party’s elected officials steal. This would require the parties to be more careful with whom they promote as candidates.

      If you have to keep assuring your reader that Trump is not a problem, then he’s probably a problem.

      • Güerito

        “As one who is happy to be a guest here in Mexico, I think it is case of being a bad guest to blame the hosts for the problems of this country.”

        Really? Even if the problems are caused by the Mexican political system?

        The rotten ruling class in Mexico is, right now, trying to organize a march against Trump, in an attempt to silence domestic political dissent within Mexico. They’re saying Mexicans have to unite with the PRI government and EPN against Trump. They specifically say Mexicans need to stop criticizing the Mexican government and show a united front against Trump.

        Opposition leaders and other leftist intellectuals, like the author of this editorial I translated for you, say don’t allow the corrupt elite to get away with it. This can be an opportunity to show the world the corruption and impunity in Mexico, while rallying Mexicans to fight to improve conditions at home.

        • Guerito .. I didn’t say you were wrong about the internal problems of Mexico. As I am not yet a dual citizen nor a permanent resident, I simply see it as a discourtesy to my hosts to go on the attack against them. I was offering the broader context to these problems. Should Mexican citizen activists focus on the domestic rooted problems as they see them? Absolutely!

          I would like to offer an analogy to a Gospel passage, Matt 5: 7 (mind you I’m not using it religiously here). It reads: “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Trump is the “plank” in the eye of the US. The citizens of the US remove this plank before criticising other governments of corruption.

          • Güerito

            I haven’t lived in the US for almost 15 years. I haven’t voted in the US since 2000.

            Unlike many monolingual ex-pats down here glued to CNN all day, I really don’t even follow US news and current events. I’m actually kinda pissed that so much Mexican news now is dominated by Trump coverage.

            In a country with so much corruption and human rights abuses, I think foreigners living in Mexico have an obligation to speak out on forums such as this.

          • I have lived here for only 2 1/2 years, so my experience is different than yours. I am learning Spanish and am basically conversant. I don’t watch CNN or really any US news media. I live with my Mexican wife and her children in a community without many foreigners. Once my status is more permanent and my language ability allows me to have full access to multiple points of view, I will likely speak out more. Until I can really listen to the points of view and discuss the topics with my neighbors, I want to be cautious rather than being the know-it-all loud-mouthed Gringo telling Mexicans how much better things would be if they’d just listen to me their white savior. Please re-read my comments in that light, and I think you might find we have more in common than not. My guess is that when I’ve been here 15 years, I’ll sound more like you.

          • Jeff Liston

            I commend both you Guerito, and Keith,for having a lively and intelligent discussion, without name calling. Such a rarity anymore, you both make valid points, and we appreciate the exchange.

          • Güerito

            Thanks. I really don’t understand all the name calling that happens here.

            For example: I always try to remember that although Keith and I might disagree about some things, we’d probably get along fine once we met.

            It’s that simple.

        • Dbearas

          Climate change bs. Drink more of the lefts coolaid.

      • SickofLiberalbs9999

        Keith Barger –

        Trump DID NOT call “the Mexican people” rapists and murderers.
        You’re repeating the same lies as the dishonest American mainstream media.

        Trump was only making reference to those crossing the US border illegally.
        He was was referring to A PORTION of those who are crossing the border illegally.
        He said “Some are murderers, some are rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.”
        (Only referring to those crossing the border.)
        He said that some Mexicans are good people – why didn’t the media mention this?

        Did you miss the complete quote, Keith?
        No, you had to delete part of his statement to fit your anti-Trump agenda.
        Mexico hates Trump for something he didn’t even say – how ridiculous is that?
        Shame on you for perpetuating the lie.

        • j_b_spence

          Save your breath … there are a lot of folks in SMdA that can’t think clearly or objectively and will not listen to reason. I think many of them live here because it’s cheap and lets them feel superior to the locals.

          • mrbacchus

            So listening to Trump’s lunacy and insults is your idea of reason?

    • Donnie W. Jennings

      I generally agree with your comments, but I do want to add something. Almost everyone here is corrupt! It goes from the top to bottom or the other way around, but it is everywhere! And it is accepted! Yes, it gets complained about a lot, but almost everyone does it, it is a way of life. Pay offs are normal across the economy. I struggle to understand it, but I know it exist. Maybe it is cultural? But, I firmly believe that corruption and lack of education, which may be closely related, is what keeps Mexico from supporting the live style we enjoy in the US and Canada, as well as other parts of the world.

      • D Taylor

        Lobbyists in Washington bought all our Senators and Congressman and even write the laws they pass while ignoring their real constituents. I would say we are corrupt on a grand scale…Drain the Swamp Donald…put in term limits and take away the Corporations incentives. Corruption is rampant throughout most of the world…Asia, Eastern Europe, and the lost continent…Africa,

        • mrbacchus

          Kind of hard to drain the swamp when the drain is plugged up by Trump’s appointees.

          • D Taylor

            I was referring to our Congressmen and Senators that no longer represent us. The ones WE elected that prefer to fund their campaigns and pockets by ignoring us and letting the lobbyists write the laws for them.

    • Crewlaw

      None of this has anything to do with this opinion piece. The author is apologizing for Trump’s attitude towards Mexico and its people, not debating whose “fault” the problems of Mexico should be blamed on. Sure there are problems in Mexico, as there are in any country in the world. That doesn’t mean it is necessary or productive for Trump and his administration to sneer at Mexico at every opportunity.

    • michael

      This is how it works. The Mexican people by doing nothing condone the drug cartel wars. Petty theft is the problem in Mexico and it is cultural. Tou can’t stop corruption when many many many people gain with corruption. The problem is the Mexican people. They let these things happen.

    • Dbearas

      I like your post. Trump never insulted the Mexican people. The press twisted what he said and created more fake news to control public opinion. Mexico is going to need to work with the us and Canada to solve some of its bigger problems. It is now a narco state that does not have a rule of law or a way to protect its citizens. It may take a revolution for these changes to happen. The problems there are going to worsen if the people don’t take control of the gov and society in general. Colombia managed to go from a narco state to a fairly stable place.

      • Deborah Soloway

        “and some, I assume, are good people.” Damned faint praise.

        • David Nichols

          Plenty enough praise when referring to those ILLEGALLY crossing into the USA, which was exactly what Trump was doing… ILLEGAL! ILLEGAL! ILLEGAL! Can you come to grips with this concept?

        • SickofLiberalbs9999

          Explain why we’ve never seen the complete Trump quote in the leftist media.

          Explain why you personally can ignore the complete quote and participate in the incitement of an entire nation to hate the US President – based on an edited lie.

          Good luck with both.

  • Doyle Phillips

    On January 27th I resigned as American Embassy Warden for Guanajuato and Dolores Hidalgo because of Republican Trump’s strange assaults against México. I know of three other Wardens who also resigned for the same reason.

    It might be of interest to the public to know the total number of Warden resignations to date. I think the Embassy would answer the question if it comes from a Mexico News Daily writer. Please ask.

    • Güerito

      See my shorter comment above.

    • jdwfinger

      so how much money did you steal

    • Jumex

      hmmm.. just “resigned as American Embassy Warden” because some bad vibes about Trump ? lol

    • miabeach

      We will never miss you.

  • TioDon

    I’ll never apologize for America and your ego is out of control when you say: “the vast majority of my fellow expats, who are fortunate to call Mexico our home, are embarrassed and deeply chagrined by the unwarranted, misguided and gratuitous attacks on our Mexican friends and neighbors by President Trump and his administration.”

    You can speak for yourself but not “The vast majority”. I love it here but TRUMP never said the Mexican people weren’t hard working or great people. He simply wants what most every countries in the world insist on having: Control of their borders. Mexico insists on it and to move here legally (not illegally…know the difference????) is an arduous procedure. Why is it not good for America if it’s good for Mexico???

    And, really? You’re still on the “popular vote” silliness? We voted: Hillary lost and TRUMP won. Get over it and quit being an apologetic sissy.

    • Douglas MacDowell

      Tio – Respect someone else’s opinion instead of attacking them. I happen to agree with Guerito but you can have your own opinion without attacking someones else’s. In my own opinion, if you care to consider it, Donald Trump will be a sore on America’s history and the sooner he is gone the better. Most American’s didn’t want want him as President and that is a fact, not an alternative fact. He will be a sad story in the history of America (my opinion). You can have your opinion too. It is the American right to express opinions. If you feel so strongly and want to publish your opinion, state it yourself as your own commentary, but don”t attack someone else for theirs. Start your own thread on this website. I will read it.

      • TioDon

        Thanks for the response. Bilker didn’t, as you correctly did, say it was his personal opinion but “I speak for the vast majority of expats”.

        Also, I’ve always liked the Electoral College and how it came about and never complained when the “other side” took advantage of it. It’s the bedrock of our republic and did what it was supposed to do: prevent 3-4 states to decide who will be President making every else’s vote inconsequential.

        Again, thanks for the response.

    • mrbacchus

      No, Tio Don, I will not “get over it”. Just like the right wing never got over Obama’s Presidency. Fair’s fair. You are right that Trump didn’t say that Mexicans were hard working or great people. He merely called them rapists and murderers. If you support that opinion, I can’t imagine why you’re still living in Mexico.

      • Banned by Wonkette

        You are so wrong. Did not call “Mexicans murderers and rapists”.

        IF you hayou ppen to watch the video again, it says their, not they’re. Can you tell the difference?

        • lynn sisco

          one does not spell when one talks.. so for you to say THEIR vs. THEY”RE is conjecture… find another ,,, they are pronounced the same… sad argument.

          • Banned by Wonkette

            So you admit they are pronounced the same, but choose to believe the version that plays into your partisan belief system? Got it.

          • Banned by Wonkette

            And for you to say it is they’re vs their is also conjecture. What is your evidence?

          • Banned by Wonkette

            And for you to assume it was they’re and not their (which is the correct context, easily heard if you listen)

        • Donnie W. Jennings

          I have had many discussions with Mexican family and friends concerning this topic. I ask them, is the Mexicans that go to the US illegally tend to be Mexico’s lowest educated most desperate people? Of course, the answer is always yes! Then I ask, does Mexico’s poorest educated, most desperate folks have the highest incidence of crimes? And again, the answer is yes. I live in Iguala, Guerrero, we have countless murders here! These murders, of which there is never an arrest or conviction, are centered in the poorest areas and normally centered around narco activity. BTW, organized crime (narcos) is into many things other than drugs. Think extortion and kidnappings to name a couple.

          • Banned by Wonkette

            Yes, when I lived in Mexico. I saw the same thing. It is the same old story, although all aren’t, enough are that it threatens the status of the rest.

      • TioDon

        Can you look up the word “illegal”???? He ALWAYS calls them “illegal Mexicans” and if they’re “illegal” at the minimum, they’re felons.

        The right wing approved all of obama’s cabinet choices before the end of January. How’s that working out with TRUMP’S nominations???

        • Robert Bejsovec

          This is the problem with trump believers they hear only the noise in there head, the trump dogma.

        • Obviously you’re not a lawyer. People in the US that you call “illegals”, are more correctly identified as undocumented. Your choice of words begs the question. There are many categories of laws: immigration law, criminal law, anti-trust law, family law, intellectual property law, etcetera. Illegal is generally understood to be a violation of criminal law. People in violation of immigration law are more often called undocumented, unless you simply hate people because of a lack of documentation. It makes it easier when they’re brown and you’re white, but the reality is that we’re all people. Undocumented immigrants that don’t hurt people should not be assaulted and denied their family ties. A solution would be to crack down on the employers of the undocumented, but then that would be going after the wealthy corporations that backed Trump. Another solution would be for lazy Americans to get off their butts and go work these jobs that immigrants do. These jobs have to be done. If Americans are too proud to do them, then immigrants are needed. We should be grateful for their contributions.

          • TioDon

            Being in the United States without “documentation” is a felony thus, illegal. Semantics.

            Why do you assume I’m white? Kinda racist, isn’t it?

            “Immigrants that don’t hurt people should not be assulted (who’s assulting them?) and denied family ties”. I’m a permanent Resident of Mexico. Should it be OK For my son and his family to just move here without any “documentation”? The Mexican government doesn’t think so.

            I agree; solving the illegal immigration problem in the US should begin with those that employ them.

            The wealthy corporations and, especially, Wall Street, supported Hillary (remember her?)

            I also agree that Americans need to get to work. If you can work, get a job or no benefits. If the illegal immigrants leave, then Americans should do the jobs they were doing. No work, no benefits.

            Anything else?

          • Donnie W. Jennings

            They are not illegals nor undocumented, they are criminals! They are criminals the same as you and I would be if we are in Mexico without proper permission and papers. Try being here without legal papers and see how it works out for you. I live here, but when the days comes that I must kiss the ass of the corrupt culture to earn my keep, I will leave.

          • Donnie, Donnie, Donnie [shakes head in exasperation], it is not a criminal violation in most jurisdictions to not have documents. A person without documents is sometimes held in an immigration facility, not a jail. They have a hearing, not a trial, to determine what should happen in their case. Should they lose the hearing, they are deported. If their actions were criminal, they wouldn’t be set free. So really, you’re just wrong.

            Please do Mexico a favor and leave. You’ll find the fascist regime of Trump much more to your liking.

          • Donnie W. Jennings

            I have traveled in every state of Mexico, I have had my papers checked in most states. If you think you will have a pat on the wrist and not pay thousands to get you yourself out, you are more stupid than the pendejo that wrote this article! And good luck on getting your car, or in my case moto back. As far as your invitation to leave, shove it! I have a Mexican wife, Mexican children, will soon have Mexican grandchildren, Mexican nieces and nephews, and many Mexican friends.

            Fascist Regime, You lost, we won! We suffered under a semi-socialist idiot and his party for eight years, the folks have woken up, we are the power! The US is changing forever and we are going to change Mexico as well! The Liberal political correctness stupidity is over! In the long run, I expect Trump’s policies will benefit Mexico and I expect to see many of the Mexican criminals in the US have a path to legality. The racist policies of Obama and his party to keep them there as near slaves is coming to an end!

            But as I have said elsewhere, Mexico’s problems do not live in the US, neither does its solutions!

          • I don’t have a car now, nor do I want one. Navigating the bureaucracies of any government takes time.

            The candidate I voted for (not Clinton) didn’t win, but my name wasn’t up for a vote, so I didn’t lose. Your name wasn’t on the ballot either, so you didn’t win either. You and I aren’t our politics. Polarization is increased with that “you lost, we won,” childish attitude.

            As a history teacher, every group says they’re changing their country forever and historically they’re never correct. Regimes rise and fall. Countries rise and fall. Civilizations rise and fall. The only constant is change. As to your blather about semi-socialism under Obama, as a socialist I can guarantee you that Obama was no socialist. He operated under Keynesian economics (John Maynard Keynes), NOT under socialist economics (Karl Marx). If you don’t know what Keynesian economics is there are all sorts of books and articles on the topic. So rather than responding as you did with ignorance, please educate yourself. Clinton and Obama were cut from the same neoliberal cloth, which is why I did not vote for Clinton. But the nation would have been far better off with her wrongheaded neoliberalism rather than the neofascism of Trump. The Greatest Generation fought NAZIs and beat back Hitler. You suffered the same delusions of the Germans did in the election of 1932, and you voted for a Fascist.

          • Donnie W. Jennings

            Hahaha! You talk like someone that lost! If you want to see childish, look at the folk that lost in the election in the US. I had history as well. Yes I know all civilizations have failed in time, but there is no need to rush it! Yes, Obama is a semi-socialist person, I did not say socialist. Do not mis-quote my words to defend your naive position! Your education is history, mine is Business/Economics/Finance. I did educate myself, BTW, I completed my MBA studies and graduated with Honors. I suffer no delusions! You remind me of a saying we had in Business, “Those than can do, those that can’t teach”. Theory is a good thing when one lacks practical experience and knowledge, but when faced with the realities of the world, the rest of us must adapt to survive! We do agree about Obama and Hillary being the same! Your comparisons between Trump and Hitler are clinically insane! Apparently you did not learn much in your studies or you could not suggest such a ridicules comparison! BTW, I have an Aunt from East Germany. She still bears the scars on her back from the attempts to escape! Besides being ignorant of Trump and his millions of supporters, apparently you are ignorant of the plight of East Germans as well!

          • mariache

            Couldn’t agree more. “The Liberal political correctness”. The wave is also turning in Europe; the sooner the better.

          • Donnie W. Jennings

            I was just reading yesterday about the majority EU folks that wanted immigration stopped from the problem areas, but yet, the Liberal politicians continue to do what they want.

          • mrbacchus

            Yup, turning to fascism will sure make the world a better place. Practice saying “sieg heil”, and raising your right arm.

          • Dallas Autery Y Rocio Heredia

            My personal experience when i overstayed my touris visa many years ago in Mexico was that i was yelled at, fined and given a letter that gave me 5 days to get to the border and get a new one or i would be deported and barred from re entry for 3 years. that was in 2006. I since then have become an FM2 holder which was changed to a residente permanente in 2013. I had to provide documentation to prove i met the Mexican govts minium financial requirements to get those visas.

        • gypsyken

          The difference in confirmation of nominees is due to the dramatic differences in their attributes. Il Duce Trump appointed to head the U.S. Department of Education a billionaire contributor to Republicans who has no experience or connection whatsoever with the public schools in which 90% of U.S. children are enrolled and in fact opposes them and wants to take funds from them to support for-profit and religious schools. He appointed an Attorney General who has opposed civil rights and supported suppression of voting rights. He appointed a Secretary of State whose entire career has, in his own words, been devoted to making money for Exon Mobil, which has financial ties to the oil industry operated by the government of Russia, which it defies reason to believe that he will now ignore. He has nominated to head the Environmental Protection Agency a man who denies global warming and opposes regulations to protect the environment. He has nominated as Secretary of Labor an employer of low-wage workers who opposes unions, minimum wages, and paying for overtime work. He has appointed know-nothings like Perry and Carson to run agencies that they know nothing about. After claiming that his presidential opponent would be beholden to Wall Street, he has appointed people from Wall Street to run the finances of the U.S. (and he wants to deregulate Wall Street, removing the regulations that were installed after the financial crisis caused by the fraudulent actions of Wall Street in an effort to prevent another one). After hoodwinking workers into believing that he would act in their interests, he has appointed a cabinet of billionaires who will look after the interests of the wealthy. His National Security Adviser lied about not consulting with Russia before his appointment, and his Vice President has now lied about that. One could go on and on about what will be the worst appointments in the history of the U.S.

          Kenneth G. Crosby

          • TioDon

            Don’t see a problem with anyone you mentioned. I’d much, much rather have businessmen/women up there than lifetime, deadbeat government employees that are only concerned about going higher up the government ladder and lining their pockets. These people are already at the top of their industries and have lots of money. When are you people (libs and RINO’s) going to realize that everything is different now?

          • gypsyken

            I certainly recognize that “everything is different now.” The problem is that the difference is very much for the worse. Il Duce Trump’s choice to head the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, has now been confirmed. As chair of the committee of the House of Representatives with jurisdiction over health care, Price first bought stock in a health-care company that only favored people could buy. Then he sponsored legislation to benefit that company and thereby increased the value of the stock that he had purchased. He typifies the kind of people that Il Duce Trump has appointed to rule over the U.S. Price’s main interest as a physician was, and remains, getting rich. In pursuing that objective, he is committed to limit the availability of health care to those who can afford to pay high prices for it. Perhaps you don’t have or need Medicare, but millions of U.S. retirees like me need it, and Price is determined to cut it.

      • mariache

        TRUMP didn’t say all Mexicans are criminals and rapists. He rather said that some of them are and since they enter the country illegally it becomes very difficult to ascertain who is who.

    • Thomas Dowdy-Winslett

      No one is apologizing for America; it is the trump that is the problem. It is the trump that many feel necessary to apologize for. You may not see it but we see the damage in relations that is being done and feel we need to say that we do not condone or support trump’s actions.
      Even if you support the agenda, the manner in which he is going about achieving it is doing unnecessary harm. He is unclear and confusing. He changes course far too often to be an effective leader of a large, modern country. In a matter of weeks he has destroying relationships that have taken decades (and even centuries) to build without having an idea of what will be done to compensate for the loss of those diplomatic, geographic, and economic allies.
      Most of the world is worried and looking at how they can help prevent a world wide apocalypse (except for Russia and Israel who have been held in check in the past but now are taking the opportunity to more aggressively pursue their invasion of other nations.)
      Most Mexicans I know are savvy enough to know that I don’t support the dangerous actions this man has taken. But it is important as someone who is a citizen of the U.S. to say to them that most of the voters in the election voted against his agenda. He is not representative of the will of all the U.S. people and certainly not of the expat community.

    • gypsyken

      What Trump actually said about Mexicans coming into the U.S. was “I assume that some of them are good people,” incredibly belittling them. Would you like your Mexican neighbors to know that you “assume that some of them are good people?”

      Pointing out the popular vote is far from “silliness.” It points out the fact that most American who voted did not vote for Il Duce Trump. He was made president only because of an archaic provision put in the Constitution to benefit slave owners living in states in which they were outnumbered by slaves who not only could not vote, but were not even counted as full persons. The electoral college made the votes of slave owners count more than the votes of other Americans. It now makes the votes of voters in small states count more than the votes of voters in large ones. That is how Il Duce Trump became president, and in the eyes of many citizens, including mine, it makes him an illegitimate president.

      Unlike you, I will not hide behind a user name. Kenneth G. Crosby

      • TioDon

        Yawn…..blah, blah, blah. TRUMP won and HILLARY lost. ’nuff said. Donald G. Rutherford.

    • D Taylor

      I agree, well said

      • mrbacchus

        Well said? I suppose so-if you like inarticulate comments.

    • Crewlaw

      “popular vote silliness”. lol
      Well Trump certainly hasn’t forgotten about it and keeps insisting he only lost the popular vote(you know, the one where Americans preferred someone else by 3 million votes) because “MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD!” which is just another of his con man lies.

  • Güerito

    Pathetic virtue signalling.

  • 101st

    Carlos Slim for president!

  • MakeAmericaAmericaAgain

    The United States elected a man who acts like a loud drunk at a bar itching for a fight. Sooner or later, he will get one and I don’t have a lot of confidence in the outcome. Of course he is a total embarrassment to gringos in Mexico and is provoking a serious risk of backlash and retaliation. Plus how has he not figured out that the best way to reduce Mexican migration to the US is for the Mexico economy to remain strong and offer good jobs here. Sad situation.

    • jdwfinger

      yes why are there no good paying jobs I Mexico and over 25 million Mexican are in the USA and more want to come, can you say CORRUPTION AS A WAY OF LIFE IN MEXICO

  • gaymex1

    Not only do I apologize to my Mexican neighbors, I apologize to the entire planet for the unfettered ignorance the United States has unleashed.

  • mrbacchus

    I’ve lived in Mexico for 11 years, and know a lot of expats. Based upon many conversations I’ve had, it’s safe to say that a huge majority of expats living in Mexico oppose building a wall (as do 56% of all Americans, according to a recent PPP poll). We are fortunate to live in this wonderful country, and letting Mexicans know that we strongly disagree with Mr. Trump is the right thing to do.

  • jdwfinger

    Can anyone tell me why there are over 25 million Mexicans that left Mexico and more want to leave for the USA? Why can’t the Mexican government give Mexicans a good life and a reason to stay, hmmmm

    • TioDon


      • jdwfinger

        Well said and the truth has been spoken

    • Donnie W. Jennings

      That is the exact question I ask my Mexican family and friends when the News Media and Mexican politicians attack the US! I actually believe in many cases they feel entitled to it!

  • barsongs

    Mark, did you know that there are approximately one million people
    living in Mexico that are US citizens and entitled to vote? Most are
    also Mexican citizens (“American Mexicans”). An astonishing number of
    them are not even aware of their right to vote, and sadly, of those that
    are many do not care enough to exercise it. But many do and did. IMHO
    if you are privileged enough to hold a passport of a democratic country
    you have an obligation to vote.

    A global organization called
    Democrats Abroad has an active chapter in Mexico that made an effort to
    turn out the vote of previously unregistered American Mexicans in the
    presidential election. There was and is no requirement for voters who
    use the Democrats Abroad tools and website to register and vote to
    disclose their choices. As an expat, I cringed at the prospect of Trump
    being elected, and did all I could to inform dual nationals of their
    right to vote and encourage them to do so. Those whom I had the
    privilege of assisting with registration for the first time were also
    cringing and wanted to do something. And those with whom I remained in
    contact are committed to voting again in 2018 and are encouraging
    similarly situated American Mexicans to do the same.

    I do not need
    to apologize to my Mexican colleagues and friends about how things
    turned out since they know who I am and are also disappointed with their
    own leadership. But as a proud second-generation American (my parents
    were immigrants and my father a decorated WWII hero) I feel obligated to
    do whatever I can to address what I consider to be an electoral
    calamity, and will be active in getting out the absentee vote in the
    next federal election. I encourage all expats to join in the effort. I
    don’t believe most Mexicans want or need an apology. Participating in
    an activity that can contribute to effecting change is far more valuable
    than an apology, and you might feel pretty good about doing it too.

    my fellow expats, do not despair. We have seen worse. Really! Watch
    “The Untold History of the United States,” an extraordinary documentary
    directed by Oliver Stone. (It is on Netflix in the US and here with a
    vpn.) If we survived Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan and two
    (!) Bushes, we can and will survive Trump. Just hopefully “one and

    • cooncats

      Yes we have seen worse. His name is Barack Obama and he is the primary reason we have Donald Trump just as George Bush and his stupid war led to Barack Obama.

      I despair that there are so many stupid people up north they would have elected a female political hack who actually should have been a member of the PRI given how corrupt she is.

      • mrbacchus

        I ask a similar same question of you that I did of Tio Don: if you supported a man who hates Mexicans, why do you live in Mexico? Wouldn’t rural Pennsylvania or The South be more a more suitable place to live? And how many Mexicans have you shared your views with?

        • cooncats

          Trump doesn’t any more hate Mexicans than you do. He’s just fed up with people who think they are entitled to waltz into America uninvited and deliberately breaking our laws. Your question is the liberal version of “when did you stop beating your wife” and just shows you have bought into the BS from the leftist media and the Mexicans who just refuse to get over their belief they are entitled to a different set of rules than their own when it comes to the U.S.

          And I’ve shared my views with a number of them and they all admit that this is the case and we agree that the U.S. brought this on themselves but they are not obligated to continue to do so.

          I’ll bet you are one of those Americans collecting Social Security checks and other money from the U.S. while denigrating your own country and helping to foster this unwillingness of Mexico to grasp the reality that their use of the border and the U.S. was not sustainable.

          • mrbacchus

            I’m not “denigrating my country”, I’m criticizing The Occupant of the White House, who is fully deserving of every bit of criticism he’s receiving-and then some.

    • barsongs

      Fact check: Trump LOST the popular vote by almost 3 million votes.
      Moreover, his margin of victory over Hillary Clinton was nothing close
      to a landslide. In fact, when looking at all of the 25 elections that have taken place in the past 100 years, in 21 of them, the winner won by a wider margin than Donald Trump did in 2016, including Obama in both 2008 and 2012.This is easily verified by multiple sources on- and off-line.

  • It’s a complicated explanation, but I take some comfort in three factors regarding this election … 1. The overwhelming majority of votes were in opposition to Trump and in fact his popular vote count was a second place finish (meaning his election is NOT the will of the people) … 2. 11 of the 14 states that recently modified their election laws to limit participation by the people went to Trump, meaning that his Electoral College victory required extraordinary effort to stifle democratic participation … 3. The leaders of the DNC violated their own rules to foist Clinton (the winner of the popular vote) into the nomination. Sanders had all the momentum and was filling stadiums. Had the DNC leader actually listened to the will of the rank and file members, Sander would have been the nominee. It is highly probable that Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania would have easily been flipped by his nomination. It was an outsider’s race. The GOP rallied to a highly volatile, negligibly competent Trump whereas the DNC’s outsider (Sanders) was a unifier that excited the base and attracted non-party support.

    • Another point to consider is that the election of someone so not worthy of respect may strengthen the support for a strongly nationalistic Mexican Presidential candidate. There’s already speculation that Trump may be building support for AMLO, Mexico’s own parallel to Bernie Sanders. The fact is that neoliberalism has failed. It is not only embarrassing, but also tragic that Trump’s neofascism was seen as the answer. Sadly, Trump’s election and BREXIT signal the rise of the racist and alt-right factions in the West as paranoia, xenophobia, and islamophobia were sufficient to convince the majority of white voters to select someone so disrespected globally and so detached from fact based thinking. Trump is so delusional that a half empty Capitol Mall is declared record breaking in the NewSpeak of this post-truth era. When challenged with facts, alternative facts (lies) are offered along with temperamental outbursts by his unhinged spokespeople.

      • Güerito

        I agree with many opinion makers in and out of Mexico that AMLO and Trump have a lot in common.

        I think this is a good thing.

      • Donnie W. Jennings

        Like the normal Liberal, you like to throw nasty label on folks you disagree with! But that is OK, again, the folks are fed up with your Liberal Political Correctness BS, and that is the reason Trump is President! BREXIT was a revolt against Liberalism, so was Trump! If you read the news from Europe, you might notice, the tide is coming! The people will prevail! You can sit in your little classroom and recite your theory, but we the people will prevail, again! I realize this frightens the Liberals that think they should control everything, due to their superior intelligence, but there is no turning back. You have been found out, you have been judged and you have been kicked to the side of the road!

        • This and other replies of yours are simply recitations of alternative facts (lies) and propaganda. I will not debate with someone incapable of an original thought

          • Donnie W. Jennings

            Hahaha Again, you have proven my point! I bet it is tough when you can’t push folk around like school children. Boy, you are dealing with your Superiors!

          • wavebyebye

            So glad you don’t live in my sweet Mexican village.

          • Donnie W. Jennings

            Please don’t be afraid Snowflake, I have no plan to live in your Safe Place!

        • wavebyebye

          Oh give it a rest yourself, amigo.

    • Mark Schneider

      Keith … Since you are either a Hillary or a Bernie fan, let me ask you two very simple questions:

      1. Had either of them won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote, would YOU PERSONALLY say that they were an illegitimate President (i.e. not the will of the people)?

      2. Would YOU PERSONALLY gripe at how the losing side acted?

      I already know the answers, by the way.

      • That is very presumptive of you to pretend to know my answers.

        I did not vote for either Trump nor Clinton in the general election. I didn’t vote for Trump because of his fascist tendencies in attacking the disabled, peoples of other religions and ethnicities, and in objectifying women as pussies to grab. I didn’t vote for Clinton because of her support for failed neoliberalist policies and because of her dishonest conduct in the primaries. I would have voted for Sanders, but wasn’t given the option, so instead I voted for Stein. As I voted in Oregon, my vote for Stein did nothing to support the election of Trump as Oregon’s electors were awarded to Clinton.

        Your first option is not really credible as Clinton won the popular vote even while losing the Electoral vote. But since I was not a supporter of Clinton, and am an opponent of the Electoral College any candidate, regardless of my support or opposition that loses the popular vote would be illegitimate in my opinion.

        As to your second question, if Clinton had won, yes, I’m sure Trump supporters would have acted horribly just as the GOP acted horribly for 8 years because Obama was black.

        I would be apart of the opposition to Clinton and her neoliberal policies just as I am now opposed to Trump and his neofascist policies.

    • gypsyken

      Thank you, Keith Barger. I applaud you as I have applauded Mark Bilker. Like you and him, but in sharp contrast to the most ardent supporters of Il Duce Trump, I do not hide behind a user name. .

      Kenneth G. Crosby

    • Donnie W. Jennings

      I think Trump addresses this very well, he did very little campaigning in the states that he knew he could not win and no doubt forfeited votes because of that strategy. He campaigned the way the the Election Process works in the USA. Assuming you are capable of understanding this, your response is very dis-honest. BTW, upwards of 800,000 illegal aliens are reported to have voted in California, but I’m sure that is not possible in your liberal world! Hillary did the same thing as Trump, however, since she was not as smart! She assumed sure wins in states she ultimately lost! I have read that she was warned by her lower/middle staff about these states, but her and her top staff did not pay attention. What modification, not letting dead folks vote, only letting folks vote once or not letting illegals vote. I think we should have a Voter’s Registration card like Mexico uses and I think Canada as well, but of course the Democrats have fought that for years. Our system makes it far too easy for dead folks to vote! As far as Sanders, you may be correct! But, his situation speaks to the dishonesty and corruption of the Democratic party and demonstrates why we should never have them in control!

      • bwahahahaha … delusion followed by delusion. In Trump fashion, you doubled down on stupid.

      • mrbacchus

        OMG-800,000 illegal aliens voted in CA? According to whom? Breitbart “News”?

        • Donnie W. Jennings

          Maybe it is true, maybe not. If we has voter ID card in the US like Mexico has, it would not be an issue.

  • Estaben Calabacas

    I live in Baja with Residente Permanente status, I am an American citizen and Mark Bilker does not speak for me

  • Frank

    It’s funny how everybody is pointing out Mexican corruption. There’s no
    country on Earth that isn’t corrupt. 1st world corruption is usually
    just well camouflaged and plays out behind closed doors. This obviously
    has changed now. Conway using the white house floor to not only promote
    but to order people to buy I. Trump’s product? I’ve lived in
    Sub-Saharan Africa for years and various places in Central America and
    have never heard of such a blatant and deeply embarrassing act of misuse
    of power. I wonder who will take fashion advice from somebody who looks
    like they scrape used chewing gum off the floor to do their eye
    make-up with? The forgotten people aka the meth-head “working class” in the
    fly-over states? Those who fried their brains so hard they honestly
    believe Putin’s Patsy will ever give a crap about them?

  • Papi Thomas

    I am a Permanent Resident immigrant here in Mexico from the USofA but I am not responsible for what Trump says and does. To assume that an apology is necessary implies that the Mexicans may somehow hold you accountable if you don’t. That’s a terribly bigoted position to hold implying a level of xenophobia to Mexicans that does not exist. No individual, no group, indeed no country is without their faults and problems. What will you apologize for next?
    Your sycophantic self-aggrandizing stand does nothing to improve your relations in Mexico for if indeed someone were to hold you accountable, the fault would be theirs, not yours. Or would you weakly submit with another mea culpa?

    • mrbacchus

      Please tell me why it’s wrong to let Mexicans know that you oppose and reject Trump’s horrific policies and speech. To say that you’re ashamed of the actions of the Occupant of the White House doesn’t mean you’re responsible for them.

      • Papi Thomas

        To “oppose and reject” is not the same as apologizing. You give the author far to much credit when in fact his grandstanding is entirely self-serving.

  • Pesobill

    What a baboso this so called American living in Mexico.. First of all the problems are caused primarily by Mexico and their support of their citizens living and working illegally in the USA. They often steal SS numbers and have false documents and the like . Lie like a rug and show no moral rectitude . While I do admire the Mexican citizens who live in their ‘own country’ and do what they can to make it as good as possible ,we have immigration and labor laws. The inconceivable thing is they think we want and need them to sneak into the country and that we have no laws against this . Trump may have some negative rhetoric but wants to enforce immigration laws that have not been well enforced for years ,Mexico does it and somehow the brainless ones think we should not ? I am glad to see a President who wants the USA to be a country of laws and yes we bring in nearly 1,000,000 LEGAL immigrants a year . If Mexico wants to be a good neighbor they need to show respect for our country and our laws .

    • mrbacchus

      The reason for Mexicans crossing the border for work is that there are a LOT of employers in the US who will hire them, because they’re hard-working and low-paid – and easily controllable, since they’re undocumented. When the US adopts a sensible immigration policy, including a guest worker program, the situation will improve. We once had the Bracero Program, which worked pretty well for 20+ years. Perhaps it’s time to revisit this idea.

      • wavebyebye

        Thank you for saying what I was just thinking. After reading about central valley farmers in Cali losing their farmworkers to deportation raids they are extremely worried about who will pick their crops now. There doesn’t appear to be an interest in those kinds of jobs that will be and are now necessary. These farmers voted for Trump… is ironic they knowingly hired undocumented workers. Your suggestion to adopt a guest worker program like Bracero is important. My question would be why the business owners of any industry aren’t investigated more for illegal hiring practices.

  • cooncats

    Don’t apologize for me. I follow Mexican immigration law to the letter. I didn’t come here uninvited and I don’t demonstrate or riot in the streets of Mexico waving my flag and trampling theirs. I don’t expect to vote in Mexican elections and I don’t try to although this country has far better voter ID than the U.S. does.

    I didn’t come here looking for or expecting free anything. My expat community along with my wife and I not only have a major positive impact on the economic well being of our area, we are the ones out there funding and running the organizations that are saving neglected and abandoned children and the elderly. We employ people and we pay them and treat them better than most of their Mexican employers do.

    Hell, we’re even out there getting rid of the graffiti, an exercise I suggest that our friend from San Miguel might want to get involved in. I’d be embarrassed if my town looked like his.

    I recognize my country brought this on themselves with decades of wink and nod border policies and allowing American employers to break our own laws. The error here is thinking that this situation is either permanent or that Mexico or Central America or anyone else for that matter is entitled to it. You are not!

    Americans have the right to decide they’ve had enough illegal immigration and put a stop to it. Mexico can either recognize that the U.S. has the same right to control its border that Mexico does or it can continue on as they are now and poison a relationship that pumps hundred of billions of dollars into this country every year.

    If you think the Chinese are your saviors, I have news for you. They are the world’s takers who love selling to you but will not buy from you in any significant way. Every country they trade with is on the losing end of the deal including Mexico that is sending over $50 billion dollars per year OUT of this country, and many jobs with it.

    Donald Trump has been rude and crude at times but the fact remains he was elected because Americans have had enough of one set of rules going north and another set going south. I’ll apologize for Trump’s big mouth but not for America’s right to have its immigration laws respected by Mexico and everyone else.

  • Larry D

    Mexico is the unknown wonder of the world and anyone lucky enough to live there knows that. The only reason Trump keeps attacking Mexico is because his business ventures have all failed there. To succeed in Mexico you have to understand Mexico and that is where Trump is completely clueless. That’s why he loves Russia because he has made a lot of money there.

  • Donnie W. Jennings

    Mexico’s problems do not live in the USA, neither does its solutions! The pendejo that wrote this article is not speaking for me, nor is he speaking for the vast majority of Mexico loving gringos that I know!

    • mrbacchus

      First, resorting to an insult doesn’t add anything to your content, and second, I don’t know where you live, but the great majority of gringos I know would support Mr. Bilker’s view. There are a few pockets of right-wingers where I live, but they are a small (and very quiet) minority.

      • Donnie W. Jennings

        I live in Iguala and I am the only gringo here. When a person claims that he is talking for everyone, including me and begins apologizing for things I would have no intention of apologizing for, he is a pendejo! Many have spoke to his seemly wanting to speak for everyone. The very quiet minority you mention are now controlling the USA, get over it. The only gringo that I know that lives in one of the gringo villages is close to Guadalajara, he is a bit of a Liberal and tells me that he is the minority where he lives. He says there are 10,000 within three miles of his house, but I do not know that for a fact. If you live up there in a wad of Liberals and you enjoy it, great! But do not assume your values are shared by folks you don’t know.

  • Happygirl

    I agree with the writer’s sentiments and with that said, I must now add – how is an apology on an English language website going to help…anything? What is the writer’s motives? It is like a child saying “I didn’t do it…it was him/her. I’m sorry”. The Spanish speaking public will not get to hear or read said apology. Mexicans know that many, many, many people in the USA and around the world do not support Trump…but our white faces and our assets in their country are an easy target on which to voice their disapproval. The writer is voicing his discomfort with this new reality…but the commenters are unable to see this. They fight among themselves on political points, political divides,venting distorted one-sided views…venom dripping and fists raised. What a sorry state of affairs

  • Mike Hadinger

    For twenty years we have lived and are currently living in a rural Mexican town where the indigenous people are well aware of U.S. – Mexico relations. On numerous occasions we have been asked about President Trump and impending policies. After comparing current Mexico policy with U.S. policy most not only seem surprised but agree. That fact that you apologize for the U.S. demonstrates a lack of understanding of current Mexico policies toward immigrants, imports, taxes, and crime.

    • Donnie W. Jennings

      I have had the same experiences! The Mexican people are poor and desperate at times, but they are not stupid!

  • Donnie W. Jennings

    This is off topic a bit, but related to the bigger problem in Mexico. I worked in Mexico years ago and have traveled extensively in Mexico as well as the US and Canada. I have crossed the borders countless times. I have always noticed the absence of change going from the US to Canada or vice versa, but of course, crossing into Mexico is a totally different thing! I read about other folks travels through Mexico and while they are generally appreciative of the Mexican people, they still talk almost as if they are viewing animals in a zoo! Poor people lacking in most of the basic necessities. It seems they enjoy experiencing a culture very different than their own, which is not a bad thing. They, as the rich/elite in Mexico, try to make themselves feel better by pretending to feel sorry for the folks. I challenge each of you to look at why does the world change so drastically when you cross that border? Why does most folks lack the basic necessities and next to no healthcare? Why must illegal folks sneak into the US and work in constant fear? Why must they leave their home to keep their family from starving to death? Why must 80% of the young girls and women be raped and sold as prostitutes against their will by Mexican coyotes, according to US statistics, to cross into a country as criminals searching for work? I live in a town of about 130,000 people, Iguala, Guerrero, I am the only gringo here. Most of my friends are better educated, many finished college and have their own businesses. Everyone lives in fear! The places they avoid, the people they avoid goes beyond anything I have ever experienced in my life! Death due to violence touches everyone here! Why must it be that way here? Is it Trumps fault? Is it the US’s fault? Is there any reason that Mexico should not be as rich and prosperous as the US and Canada?

    Most wage earners in Mexico earn less than 200 pesos ($10 US) per day! When my
    Mexican daughter begins teaching at the end of the year, she will make
    about $250 US per month! Most doctors and lawyers have second jobs! Three generations or more living in the same house is normal due to financial constraints. The list could and does go on and on! When I read the garbage in the news here about how Trump and the US is treating Mexico badly, I think, how can folks ignore the corruption and the factors in play in Mexico that leads it to being the place that it is? It seems to be total denial to me!

    The most wonderful thing about Mexicans is that they manage to be happy with their circumstances! But make no mistake about it, that smiling Mexican face that you are looking at is dealing with problems and issues, you know very little about, much less able to comprehend!

    One comment about Trump’s Policies, they are not Trump’s policies, they are the policies of the majority of people in the US! Trump won the election by a landslide! He did this by recognizing the desires of the people and making them his own! We were tired of the semi-socialistic political correctness stupidity in out country and we changed it! I sincerely pray that at some point in time the people of Mexico have the strength to go down that road themselves. I look forward to the day that the only difference in crossing from the US into Mexico is Spanish and not prosperity into poverty!

    • Güerito

      Do you really live in Iguala? If so, how long have you lived there? I can’t imagine…

      • Donnie W. Jennings

        Yes, I married a lady from here and bought a house. I have been here since Oct 2015. I lived in Chiapas for 3.5 years before that.

        • Güerito

          Well, I’m sure you’re aware your hometown was the site of one of the most infamous events in recent Mexican history. Even today, two and half years later, one of the headlines is about investigating a high-ranking Attorney General official who probably planted evidence in the case.

          That whole area of Guerrero seems like a no-go war zone. Most of the things happening there don’t even make into the national news. I check this site daily for news in that region:

          Stay safe!

          • Donnie W. Jennings

            You might be surprised at the feeling of locals about that event, I was! Its anniversary was a while back, the first one I have been here for. The day of and/or before the locals went down to El Centro with clubs, rocks, etc, they were determined not the let the outsiders burn their town again. I saw a FB posting by a lady I know in the same time frame, it basically said in Spanish, “if these punks had not come to Iguala trying to be gangsters, instead of students, they would still be alive”. In other words, the folks feel the students were partly responsible for their own deaths. Mexicans do not share the same attitude as us about things like this. When I ask a local school teacher what he thought about the students, he had a one word response, PENDEJOS! I am not saying that I agree with these sentiments, I am only reporting what I have seen. BTW, I did watch a Mexican Documentary on this incident and while it offered several theories as to what may have happened and who may have been involved, it did demonstrate one thing very clearly, the students had ample opportunities to leave after the situation began to escalate, but for whatever reason, they chose not to do so.

          • Güerito

            Thanks for your comments about the locals’ view on the massacre. Like I always say, the worst enemy of a Mexican is another Mexican.

    • barsongs

      Inconvenient fact: Trump LOST the popular vote by almost 3 million votes.
      Moreover, his margin of victory over Hillary Clinton was nothing close
      to a landslide. In fact, when looking at all of the 25 elections that
      have taken place in the past 100 years, in 21 of them, the winner won by
      a wider margin than Donald Trump did in 2016,
      including Obama in both 2008 and 2012. This is easily verified by simple research.

      • mrbacchus

        The Occupant’s supporters love to parrot the Dear Leader’s exaggerations and outright lies. He’s in denial about his unpopularity. And he can’t help but notice Obama’s poll numbers. The comparison to his own numbers is less than flattering.

        • SickofLiberalbs9999

          And we all know how accurate the “polls” are, right mrbacchus?
          Like those pre-election polls that showed Trump losing in a landslide?
          Why do you still listen to discredited sources?
          Polls are worthless – when will you learn?

  • gypsyken

    Thank you, Mark Bilker. The number of Ugly Americans who live in Mexico, typified by commentators such as cooncats, pesobill, and TioDon, is disconcerting, but the Women’s Marches in Ajijic and San Miguel on January 21 convincingly showed that most U.S. expats living in Mexico reject them.

    This is what Francis Fukuyama, famed author of “The End of History,” recently said about Il Duce Trump: “’I have honestly never encountered anyone in political life who I thought had a less suitable personality to be president, . . . The Austrian election was actually interesting. It was as if people in Europe said, ‘Well, we don’t want be like these crude Americans and elect an idiot like Donald Trump.'”

    I applaud you, also, for being willing to identify yourself, whereas arch-conservative pro-fascists such cooncats, pesobill, and TioDon hide behind their usernames. They don’t, with good reason, want their Mexican neighbors to know who they are. They also refuse to recognize the fact that most voters in the U.S. did not vote for Il Duce Trump. Only a minority of the voters made him president, the result of an archaic provision put in the U.S. Constitution for the benefit of slave owners. Fortunately, an independent judiciary with judges who are not fascists can be a bulwark against fascism, which we are currently witnessing in the U.S. That supporters of Il Duce favor fascism is shown by a poll this week in which 51% of Il Duce’s supporters said that he should ignore court decisions with which he does not agree (http://www.publicpolicypolling….

    Kenneth G. Crosby

    • pedrochapala

      i know who danny cooncats is but not the others but you have described him well.

  • Commander Barkfeather

    A man steals my car–who is responsible? The man who stole it, or me for leaving it unlocked with the key in the ignition? I may chastise the man who stole my car but to what avail? He isn’t listening. It’s his job to steal the car. The only remedy is for me to lock the car and take the key. Likewise, can the US expect Mexico to somehow convince all the undocumented immigrants to respect US law and return, or is it the responsibility of the US to protect its own borders, by a wall or any other means? The only issue is who pays for it. Should the man who stole my car buy me a new car alarm system? I guess I can ask, but it ain’t gonna happen.

    As for the rest, it is all blather. Colorado to California is all US territory and Mexicans must have papers to be there. We know this because James Knox Polk and the US Cavalry stole the territory from Mexico fair and square. And Democrats should stop carping about who won the last election and just get on with the impeachment. In the end, either the US and Mexico will solve their own problems or they will not. For myself, I will continue to exercise good manners and show respect for my Mexican neighbors because it is my nature, whether Donald Trump and his naive, misinformed supporters do or not.

    What is constant is that good government is the public application of reason over mass emotion and that most people believe that anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

    • Mike S

      Bad analogy and this recent deportation illustrates why.

      So 25 years ago this 14 year-old girl was brought to Arizona by her parents. She had no say in the matter. Back then the border was wide open and labor hiring laws were lax so that business could have a source of cheap labor. Those policies were kept in place by GOP business interests and the US Camber of Commerce. This woman now has 2 US citizen children and the US is the only country she and her children really know; she has no resources in Mexico. Her only crime in 25 years was to get a job with a fake ID to support her family. She paid into SS and Medicare never expecting any benefits thus helping those programs. I’m all for fortifying the border in a sensible way but not for breaking up families that are law-abiding long-term residents. We enticed them in; they put roots down- now we have an obligation to them. Obama concentrated on serious criminals, gangs, and recent arrivals for deportation. Labor hiring laws were better enforced under Obama. Number of undocumented residents has been declining for last 8 years.

      So here comes the Orange Warthog who is falsely scapegoating Mexicans for America’s economic and crime problems… fear-mongering and appealing to the racist bigotry of his “Archie Bunker” following. Undocumented long-term Mexicans were NOT responsible for the GREAT BUSH RECESSION of 2008. that so devastated the American middle class. So this family will be broken up so Trump (with his mail-order wife) can show how tough he is. The man needs to be impeached before we start looking more and more like North Korea.

      • Commander Barkfeather

        We are on the same side. I agree with everything you said. The ones to whom my analogy was directed assume that every undocumented immigrant in the US is there for the sole purpose of taking advantage of economic opportunities or social welfare programs. Your example is one of thousands. Recall the uproar when Elion Gonzalez was taken in the middle of the night and returned to his waiting father in Cuba. Now multiply that scene by all the families targeted by the present administrations “get tough” policy. Who can think this will end well?

  • mariache

    Is there any reason that Mexico should not be as rich and prosperous as the US and Canada?

    Mentality. Spaniards who conquered Mexico and most of Latin America didn’t come with the idea of colonizing but simply profiteering from the New World. The Latin American elites continue with the same mentality.

    • Donnie W. Jennings

      I actually agree with the first part of your comment, but how many centuries do you think that excuse is good for? We live in a modern world, nothing is a secret, even in Mexico. It is not the dark ages any more!

  • Karmasue

    For most of my life I have heard about, and read about, all the love and kindness that the Mexican people have for family, friends and country. I read about the US expats in Mexico, and how they are so happy and comfortable in Mexico, and how they wish they had moved to Mexico years ago. I had expat friends in Mexico who raved about the country, so I visited for several weeks, and I found lovely people just like this article pointed out – vibrant, hard-working and peaceful. I really thought I wanted to move here someday to get away from the hatred, anger and fear that has become so prevalent here in the US. So I went on and read the comments below. At first the comments sounded cordial, but the further I read the more angry and hateful they became. By the time I could read no more, it was clear that the US hatred and anger has found a home away from home. That makes me sad.

    • wavebyebye

      This is very true. I have lived in Baja Sur for 12 years. Thinking that other expats moved here due to their love of the people and the culture as we did encouraged us to be part of a like-minded community. However it soon became apparent there were disparaging voices directly related to bigotry and hate. It is curious to me as to why someone who doesn’t like Mexicans would choose to be here. Our dearest friends are local Mexican families. People who work hard to send their children to university and who struggle to find the means to do so. We are permanent residents and U S citizens. We are here for the peace, beauty, culture and warm people. They give and we give and are grateful for their bienvenidos of us. Viva Mexico.

  • Mike S

    Some good advice from Ben Malecote on how to reason with a Trump voter:

    (CNN)We are too quick to vilify those on the opposite side of the political aisle. I am firmly opposed to Donald Trump, but because of where I live, I know a lot of good and decent people who voted for him. If I feel the urge to disparage Trump supporters as a group, I have to reconcile that urge with what I know about the Trump voters with whom I work, eat and pray.

    There are unquestionably people who voted for Trump for ugly reasons, and those folks are probably beyond persuasion (at least by me), but I’ve decided I’m going to spend the next four years trying to persuade the good and decent people; to appeal to their reason and the “better angels of their nature.”
    Persuading them means addressing the motivations they’ve expressed, not the motivations we might ascribe to them based on the worst and loudest people on their side. That’s what I tried to do with a piece I posted last week on Facebook, and later on my website. It ended up getting a lot of attention on the internet, and a version of it is reprinted below.
    Surprisingly, the most common criticism I’ve gotten from the piece has not been from those on the right saying I’m a “libtard snowflake,” but from those on the left who think I should have said, “You voted for Trump because you’re a fascist,” or the like. While it’s surely true of some Trump voters, it’s grossly unfair as a blanket criticism of all Trump voters. Such hot language rightfully alienates decent people, and cuts off any opportunity we might have had to change their minds.

    Contrary to the social media headlines, we shouldn’t aim to DESTROY or EVISCERATE or ANNIHILATE the other side; we must persuade them to consider a different perspective. That’s not easy, but it’s necessary.
    That doesn’t mean we should allow wrongs to go unanswered, or yield even an inch in the defense of our rights. It’s incumbent on all of us to remind our fellow citizens — boldly and continuously — about the ways that this administration is violating democratic norms and American ideals. A call to treat one another with respect is emphatically not a call to “normalize” what the Trump administration and the worst of its supporters are doing.
    To the vast majority of American people, we can say this is evil without saying you are evil.
    We should, however, address their stated rationale for voting the way they did. So to those good and decent people who voted for Donald Trump, here is what I wrote on Facebook and would like to say today:
    Trump voters applaud travel ban

    You voted for Trump because Hillary Clinton was going to be in Wall Street’s pocket. Trump wants to repeal Dodd-Frank and eliminate the Fiduciary Rule, letting Wall Street return to its pre-2008 ways.
    You voted for Trump because you thought the Clinton Foundation was “pay for play.” Trump has refused to wall off his businesses from his administration, and personally profits from payments from foreign governments.
    You voted for Trump because of Clinton’s role in Benghazi. Trump ordered the Yemen raid without adequate intel, and tweeted about “FAKE NEWS” while Americans died as a result of his carelessness.
    You voted for Trump because Clinton didn’t care about “the little guy.” Trump’s cabinet is full of billionaires, and he’s taking away your health insurance so he can give them a multi-million-dollar tax break.
    Trump voters on his first week as President

    You voted for Trump because he was going to build a wall and Mexico was going to pay for it. American consumers will pay for the wall via import tariffs.
    You voted for Trump because Clinton was going to get us into a war. Trump has provoked our enemies, alienated our allies and given ISIS a decade’s worth of recruiting material.
    You voted for Trump because Clinton didn’t have the “stamina” to do the job. Trump hung up on the Australian Prime Minister during a 5 p.m. phone call because “it was at the end of a long day and he was tired and fatigue was setting in.”
    You voted for Trump because foreign leaders wouldn’t respect Clinton. Foreign leaders, both friendly and hostile, are openly mocking Trump.
    You voted for Trump because Clinton lies and “he tells it like it is.” Trump and his administration lie with a regularity and brazenness that can only be described as shocking.
    Let’s be honest about what really happened.
    The reality is that you voted for Trump because you got conned. Trump is a grifter and the American people were the mark. Hey, it happens, and there’s no shame in being taken in by a pro. But now that you know the score, quit insisting the conman is on your side.

  • Crewlaw

    What I would be amused by if not so depressed by the fact that a con man got himself elected President of the United States, is that all these Trump supporters who like to look down their nose at Mexico are about to watch the U.S. go the way of any third-world country. Environmental regulation will be gutted, a decent public education that used to taken for granted by the majority of Americans, gutted. Banking regulation, consumer protections, gutted. Anybody who thinks Mexico is sooooo bad, well stand by, the U.S. is about to get a lesson in truly corrupt greed-driven “government” like it has never seen. We STILL don’t know a thing about who Trump owes and where his business interests are going to collide with the best interests of the U.S., but it sure is funny how Saudi Arabia didn’t make the ‘banned’ travelers list, considering…

  • alance

    Obama administration officials touted their record-setting deportation figures during his first term. Janet Napolitano was “crowing” about the increasing deportations while Hillary declared that half of Mexico was too dangerous to visit when she was Secretary of State while Attorney General Eric Holder admitted that gun-running was, in fact, used during the Fast and Furious scandal to equip the cartels with American weapons. Most of my Mexican friends were deported by Obama.

  • I second Mark Bilkers sentiments. I have been fortunate to have had many friends, colleagues, employees, and extended family members who are Mexican or of Mexican decent. And I have had the pleasure of travelling through Mexico many times in my life. And I have nothing but affection and respect for the Mexican people. It is deeply painful to hear the ignorant rhetoric and witness the reckless actions of the new leader of my country. It is important to note that 3/4 of American eligible voters did NOT cast a vote for trump. The millions of Americans who took to the streets in protest the day after inauguration tells the real story of how Americans feel about our friends and allies to the south.

  • Henry Wilson

    speak for yourself a..hole, for you sure as hell don’t speak for me.

  • alance

    Any way you cut it there are going to be changes in the U.S. and Mexican relationship. There is no reason there can’t be healthy and beneficial results for both nations. NAFTA has been unfriendly to Mexico in many ways. Midwestern corporate farmers and Monsanto took over corn production and destroyed the Mexican corn industry in the nation where corn where corn was first harvested and replaced it with GMO corn laced with deadly glyphosate and High Fructose Corn Syrup which is killing more people than the cartels with diabetes, IBS, obesity, heart disease and a host of other diseases.

    Mexico can turn to more trade with China by bringing in Chinese factories to Mexico with Mexican labor and for the rest of the world too. Mexican agriculture can export more food for the rest of the world.

  • Dbearas

    Its sad when Americans buy into the leftist garbage then spew it to the good people of Mexico. We finally got rid of the fraud oblama who was hell all bent on destroying of the values and ideas that make the usa great. We finally have a guy that is doing something. We are a great co

    • SickofLiberalbs9999

      What’s sadder is MEXICANS believing the leftist media garbage flowing from the US.
      The entire nation of Mexico has been manipulated and deceived by the US media.
      And Mexicans are clearly unable to discern fact from fiction, not as familiar with media lies as US citizens.
      In my neighborhood, locals are incensed by the US changes to CUBAN immigration law.
      They blamed it on Trump, of course.
      When I explained that it was Obama who did it, everyone was confused and expressing disbelief.
      Mexicans need to focus on their own country and stop being used as pawns by the traitorous US media.

  • Banned by Wonkette

    Uh, no. Those “free” things are paid for by the very high taxes paid by homeowners on their very overpriced homes.

    Nothing in life is free. If it didn’t cost you anything, your neighbor paid for it.

    And yes, undocumented migrants can receive many benefits.

    I personally know of many friends and family who have received thousands of dollars worth of “free” benefits.

  • pedrochapala

    danny cooncats lives in ajijic not sma and thinks painting over graffitti is his gift to mexico and that it’s his duty to tell the local gummint that they should do everything his way-SNORK!

  • Mitch Akaboula

    What is interesting is the massive ignorance about Mexico. The stereotype remains ingrained in individuals who have no idea what Mexico is all about. Those Americans who really know Mexico love Mexico.

  • SickofLiberalbs9999

    Mark Bilker-
    Pathetic pandering aside, don’t claim you speak for all or even a majority of expats – you do not.
    You have no right to apologize for expats or make any representation of “expat opinion”.
    How many expats did you interview to get their opinions? Answer: ZERO.
    Your are expressing the personal opinions of you, your friends, and your family.
    How many people is that? Maybe 100?
    That leaves 900,000+ expats in Mexico whose opinions you know nothing about.
    The majority of expats support their country and their President, regardless of political party.
    Shame on you for not doing so. I’ll bet you think Mexicans will respect you more for your opposition to Trump?
    Wrong, they don’t respect foreigners who don’t support their home country. They respect patriotism.

    You’re a classic American liberal snowflake. You represent NO ONE but yourself.
    But American liberals are so arrogant and self-important that they believe everyone agrees with them.
    Hey snowflake, if everyone agrees with you, how did Donald Trump get elected?

  • SickofLiberalbs9999

    I see that my comments have been EDITED (and changed) by MND – interesting.
    How do you decide what words to use in your edited comment “rewrites”? Who edits your editors?
    I used the word “snowflake” to describe American liberals. That was too much for the MND editors.
    Since when is “snowflake” a word requiring editing and replacement by your editors?
    What’s offensive about the word?
    Do you apply the same editing standards when conservatives are called worse names? Of course not.
    At least we now understand that MND does have a political agenda – anti-conservative, anti-Trump, of course.
    Glad we got that settled for future reference. Thanks.

  • SickofLiberalbs9999

    Changing the comments by your readers and publishing the comments without acknowledging the changes is a significant lapse in journalistic ethics and standards.
    How many reader comments have been re-written by MND editors?
    Do your readers know that comments may be edited and altered before publishing – without notification?
    As we read the comments below, who are the real authors – your readers, or the editors of MND? It’s hard to tell.
    You have two choices, MND – publish your reader comments UNEDITED, or refuse to publish them.

  • 46patrick46

    If you subtract the millions of illegal alien votes it was Trump who won the popular vote.
    Illegal aliens suck up over 100 Billion dollars of financial benefits paid for by the American Tax Payer.. every year. ya, Basta !

    Over 33% of violent crime in America is from Hispanics , mostly the illegals.
    Examples are wife / girl friend beating , rape , robbery , child molestation , murder etc.
    Then you have all the Latino DUI, mostly illegals and you have a societal problem.
    Illegals specialize in wife beating and child molestation. Drug abuse and drug dealing is rampant with illegals.

    I use to work in the Polling Place in a barrio on Election Day and witnessed one illegal after the other enter and vote. How ? Because the democrats registered them to vote. Once you are registered to vote you are not challenged at the Polling Place. When the election official finds that person’s name is in the voter registration book they are allowed to vote , no questions asked. Trump won the popular vote amongst legal citizens.