Journalists protest murder.

Journalist’s murder: badly reported news

These are times of super technology, high-speed communications and all-knowing social networks. Of spontaneous “smartphone” photojournalists that tell on their neighbors and spread gossip. In these times, analysis and hard facts FULL STORY

Police stand guard outside IEPPO offices in Oaxaca

IEPPO reorganization could not be avoided

Once again the state of Oaxaca is under national scrutiny, a consequence of teacher-related issues and problems. It was almost unavoidable for the state government to call for the reorganization of FULL STORY

Federal Police outside IEPPO offices

Oaxaca protest is just getting started

After a meeting held early yesterday morning at state government headquarters in Oaxaca between Public Education Secretary Emilio Chuayffet, Oaxaca Gov. Gabino Cué and Eduardo Sánchez, a representative of the president, among FULL STORY

El Piojo

Our athletes are idols — until they fail

The main problem for Mexico, this dear country of ours, is that it is full of Mexicans, Mexicans with very short memories. Today’s commentary is about our nation’s tendency to make heroes out of our FULL STORY

teachers in mexico

Public opinion judges teachers unfairly

The ancient quarrel between Section 22 teachers of the CNTE union and Oaxaca society, parents and the federal government flared up even more after the introduction of educational reforms, including FULL STORY

Canadian Senate

Get cozier with MX, suggests new report

The leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party, Thomas Mulcair, wants to abolish it. Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau unfriended it. Prime Minister Stephen Harper would like to avoid the subject. FULL STORY

world mosaic

The world is certainly a great mosaic

Modern telecommunications systems can broadcast, in a matter of seconds, world events like the recent earthquake in Nepal, a small nation in the Himalayas, where one can find the imposing FULL STORY

ceteg marchers

Nearly all agree that the vote must proceed

There is a convergence of opinion among the three levels of government, the National Electoral Institute, political party leaders and non-governmental and human rights organizations. They are all opposed to FULL STORY