Bryk and Schneider

What country do you think we live in?

Educational reform in Mexico is at a basic disconnect. Recent large educational research studies conducted over several years in many schools have found that improving student learning school-wide only happens FULL STORY

vertical relevance

Lack of motivation is critical problem

Lilian Katz, the distinguished pre-school educator, has described two kinds of relevance. Horizontal relevance makes the most powerful learning experiences possible. It happens when the learner acquires needed information in FULL STORY

A school in Veracruz

3 things effective school leaders do

Political scientists will tell you that alternating levels of power reinforce each other while proximate levels try to increase their own power by diminishing the power of the other. Now FULL STORY

Mexicanos Primero

Historic ruling means auditor must indict

On March 11, the Supreme Court unanimously decided to grant the petition for injunction (an “amparo” or writ of protection) of Mexicanos Primero, an education advocacy organization, which would require FULL STORY

Oaxaca: a long history of struggle.

Education in Mexico: the battle is in Oaxaca

“Wa-chu, wa-chu, wa-chu, wa-chu.” A fat wren sat on a pine branch outside the president’s window. Suddenly it completed the phrase: “Wa-chu want? Wa-chu want?” “Impossible,” thought the president with FULL STORY

smart kid

Praise kids for effort, not intelligence

A study done at Stanford University has parents and teachers re-thinking the use of positive reinforcement with children. Psychologist Carol Dweck assigned middle-schoolers randomly to two different groups. They had FULL STORY

Mindsets: fixed or growth?

Are good teachers born or made?

Do you believe that some people are born teachers? Many do. They subscribe to one of two basic mindsets described by Stanford professor Carol Dweck in her recent book, “Mindset: FULL STORY

testing teachers

Over 1mn teachers to be evaluated by 2018

In their Medium Term Program for the Evaluation of Professional Educational Service 2015-2020, the National Institute for the Evaluation of Education (INEE) proposes that by late 2017 all Mexican teachers FULL STORY

students enjoy test

Student testing: ENLACE is history

A new standardized test is coming to Mexican schools this year. It’s ready and apparently clear of the problems that prompted the suspension of ENLACE last year, mostly caused by FULL STORY