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donald trump piñata The Donald takes a beating.

Librarians whack Trump for July 4

Oaxaca Lending Library celebrates July 4th with a piñata

United States presidential candidate Donald Trump was a special guest at U.S. Independence Day celebrations by the Oaxaca Lending Library, where he was subjected to a “whacking,” according to library president Rebecca Severeide.

Trump attended the event in the form of a piñata.

Over 30 members of the group attended the party, a buffet meal at a local restaurant.

“Local Mexican children and their parents enjoyed the candy that fell out from Donald´s deep pockets,” said Severeide.

The library, founded in 1966, is one of the oldest continuously operating English-language libraries in Mexico, with a collection of over 27,000 books, DVDs and audiobooks. Its 400 members are served by 100 volunteer workers.

It offers various programs, including an event called Intercambio, held weekly and attended by both English and Spanish speakers. It is designed to help both improve their second language and learn about their respective cultures.

More than 1,400 people participate in the program during the year.

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