Stem cell therapy in Mexico: not recommended. Stem cell therapy in Mexico: not recommended.

Stem cell treatment? Not advised at present

Health care in Mexico: health worker takes your questions

The question: I am interested in getting stem cell therapy to improve and prevent mental decline. I also hear it can help reduce joint pain.


I see there are many clinics and physicians offering it in Mexico. What is your opinion about getting stem cell treatment in Mexico?


Stem cell therapy is still in research phases in the United States and much of Europe. There is not yet a body of evidence that establishes it effectiveness or safety in treating more than a handful of disease processes.

It shows great promise but it is associated with real risks and safety measures by necessity are elaborate and expensive. Risks include infection, immune rejection and unlike plasma or other blood products there is a real risk of stem cells initiating cancer.

The industry acknowledges that preparation and handling of cells requires high levels of vigilance and oversight at each level.

So to your question about getting stem cell treatment in Mexico, I would strongly advise against it at this time. Any clinic or physician offering and charging for such services is breaking Mexican law.


Despite legislation that would closely regulate stem cell treatments, Mexico has not been able to fund any meaningful policies or agencies to carry out oversight mechanisms.

Add to this the fact that the patient has little legal recourse if there is a bad outcome, I would strongly advise against any treatment outside of a well- controlled clinical trial abiding by international standards for safety.

If you would like to read more about stem cell therapies in Mexico please see The Rise of Stem Cell Therapies in Mexico by Medina Arellano.

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Deborah Bickel lives in San Miguel de Allende and is the founder and principal of Be Well San Miguel patient advocacy services. She is an international health worker with a master’s degree in public health from the University of California at Berkeley and is a graduate of the Stanford University Primary Care Associate program. She has practiced medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area, Latin America and Africa.

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  • patricia conner

    ubject: correction of stem cell article

    i am french and we have stem cell since 1978. i am not a doctor but a patient. it is used whenever possible in Europe as it is also corresponds to our way of life. we must walk and do not take a car everywhere. so for the last 38 years, knee, hip replacement has been almost 85% stem cell. it has been used for parkinson and other neurological diseases and massively in young patients spinal accidents. we never give foreign stem cell but just the person own stem so the T cells can not kill the you. the method is not knew.

    the risks of infection are always there but no mention in 38 yr of cancer connection.

    i now live in Mexico and i think you must be addressing the poor regulation of some medical clinics in TJ. and in addition, you are believing the american version of how new.

    america can not win this fight as the internet is there. France and Europe are verifiable

    I would suggest in Mexico check the clinic out. the main difference is that stem cell is a very little part of Mexico national system, while in Europe, it is mostly under nationalized government control.

    but buyer beware. i was told the truth by many for my cervical accident that i was too old for the neck. so good ones exist.

    Patricia CONNER
    lake chapala

  • Güerito

    The preceding was a commercial announcement on the part of Be Well San Miguel.

  • naniam

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  • Darla Nordstrom

    I did stem cell therapy 10 years ago in San Miguel Allende,( I have not been sick since) I disagree with this article. This woman is talking about the USA standards of stem cell and what she knows,,,,when there was no practice of it in the USA or no studies, we have been doing stem cell here in Mexico for way more years then in the USA so how can one say what one does not know?????