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Tucking into a giant tamal. Tucking into a giant tamal.notimex

‘We want tamal,’ the Chilangos cried

There was a rare showing of punctuality as giant tamal served in Mexico City

When the time comes either to celebrate or eat, the Mexican is somewhat more disposed towards punctuality, observed a Notimex report today.

Such was the case yesterday in Garibaldi Plaza in Mexico City, according to a report by the news agency, when anxious chilangos began chanting, “We want tamal, tamal, tamal!”

The event was a warm-up for the Día de la Candelaria, or Candlemas, which is observed today, February 2, and featured what was described as one of the biggest tamales in Mexico. Seven meters long and weighing in at about 100 kilograms, it was a Zacahuil-style of tamal, cooked in an underground oven for at least six hours, and brought in from Huasteca de Hidalgo.

The tradition of eating tamales on February 2 actually starts out with Rosca de Reyes, the cake served on January 6. Anyone who finds the plastic figure of the infant Jesus in his or her piece of cake is obligated to serve tamales on February 2.

People began arriving early yesterday, braving the chilly temperatures brought on by cold front No. 33, ready to enjoy one of the most Mexican of traditions. It was only a few minutes after the appointed hour that the tamal arrived, filling the air with the aroma of chicken and chile.

Organizers explained the event has two purposes: maintain the tradition and strengthen the sense of community.

It seems to have served those purposes, as housewives, old folks and families shed their cares and concerns and passed a brief period of time to share in the delight of a 100% Mexican tradition.

Source: Notimex (sp)

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