Gas truck after Tuesday's fire. Gas truck after Tuesday's fire.

1 year later, another propane gas truck fire

15 injured after truck strikes concrete post and bursts into flames

One year after a propane truck exploded and killed five people in Mexico City, another truck owned by the same company caught fire in Guadalajara, injuring 15.

A mechanical failure occurred when the Gas Express Nieto truck struck a tope Tuesday in the Villas de Oriente neighborhood of Tonalá. The driver lost control of the vehicle and it struck a concrete post.

He and other workers aboard the vehicle fled just as it burst into flames that reached a height of 50 meters.

The accident, which took place just meters from a daycare center, left six of the wounded in serious condition. Civil Protection authorities reported the evacuation of 260 people in the area, including 87 children in the daycare center.

Nine vehicles nearby were completely destroyed.

On January 29 last year, a similar vehicle, also owned by Gas Express Nieto, exploded while delivering propane to the Cuajimalpa Maternity Hospital. As well as the five fatalities, at least 70 people were injured and much of the hospital was destroyed.

The gas company was required to pay compensation to some of the victims and was banned from obtaining Federal District government contracts for three years.

Health authorities in Mexico City announced a week ago that the old hospital had been demolished and the site cleaned up in preparation for a new facility that will have three times the capacity.

The 72-bed hospital will cost 600 million pesos (US $32.4 million).

Public works officials said advanced construction methods will permit the facility to be completed in record time and open next November.

Source: Milenio (sp), Excélsior (sp), SDP Noticias (sp)

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