Metier and Bolotin: adventures on the road in Mexico. Metier and Bolotin: adventures on the road in Mexico.

1-year Mexico roadtrip subject of new book

Couple's adventures, challenges and more are chronicled

For those with an adventurous spirit or an unfulfilled desire to get out and see more of the world, a new book about traveling overland through Mexico may well offer some extra inspiration to pack up and hit the road.

Available for free download as an e-book, Our Year on the Road & Living in Mexico provides a firsthand account of one couple’s experiences of selling most of their possessions and leaving their comfortable home in Arizona to head across the southern border in pursuit of new adventures before it’s too late.

Subtitled Adventures, Challenges, Triumphs, Lessons Learned, the book chronicles the journey of the book’s author Chuck Bolotin and his wife Jet Metier across the border to Mexicali, down the Baja peninsula and Pacific coast of mainland Mexico, inland to expatriate retiree hotspots Lake Chapala and San Miguel de Allende and eventually all the way to the Yucatán peninsula and the Belize border.

Bolotin offers his observations about food, life in small-town Mexico, culture, new friends, health care, speaking Spanish and a whole lot more as they travel in their van, accompanied by their two dogs.

In a chapter entitled “How Living in Mexico Can Give You a Lifestyle Upgrade” he describes how his dollars, when converted into pesos, stretch a lot further than back home and allow him and his wife to live much more luxuriously than they could afford to otherwise.

The book has received some positive reviews.

“Chuck Bolotin has a unique way of combining interesting information, funny stories and practical tips for traveling in a light and readable way . . . . This is a great book for people new to international travel and life in any country, just like its author was new to it when the book starts,” wrote Jonathan Look, founder of the website Life Part 2.

“In this book, Chuck Bolotin and Jet Metier undertake a great adventure that most only dream about, ‘pulling the rope’ so to speak, throwing ‘good sense’ and ‘caution’ to the wind,” offered Mike Cobb, chairman and CEO of real estate developer ECI Development

“Follow Chuck and Jet’s adventure across Mexico to see if you too can make the decision to cut loose and enjoy a more vivid and exciting ride of life.”

Bolotin is the founder of the website Best Places in the World to Retire.

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