Police vehicle after last night's attack. Police vehicle after last night's attack.

10 dead after police ambushed in Ocotlán

5 officers, 2 civilians and 3 suspected gang members dead after gunfight

Five officers with the Gendarmerie division of the Federal Police were among 10 people killed last night in a gunfight in Ocotlán, Jalisco.

Three of the dead are believed to be members of a criminal gang, and two were civilians — including a secondary school student — caught in the crossfire. Eight police officers were wounded, and one was reported in serious condition.

The Gendarmerie, riding in a convoy of seven vehicles, were investigating a report in that municipal police had been attacked in the Mascota neighborhood when they were ambushed about 9:15 last night. A gunman in an approaching vehicle opened fire with an assault rifle on the federal officers.

Police returned fire but another 10 vehicles arrived, carrying more gunmen, and the shootout carried on for about half an hour until the gang members fled, firing as they did so and leaving bullet holes in vehicles parked in the streets.

The shooters left five vehicles behind along with assault rifles and fragmentation grenades.

Source: AFP (en), Excélsior (sp)

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