Infonavit housing in Privadas del Bosque. Infonavit housing in Privadas del Bosque. milenio

100 families demand repairs to their homes

Half the houses in the Infonavit project have issues from falling plaster to faulty plumbing

Falling plaster, cracks in the walls, fungus, water leaks and faulty wiring are just some of the complaints homeowners have lodged about Infonavit housing in Ciudad Benito Juárez, Nuevo León.

Problems have been ongoing since the Privadas del Bosque development was completed two years ago by the Monterrey construction firm Havital.

According to a residents’ committee, nearly half the 220 families have filed complaints with Infonavit, the federal housing fund.

Committee president Judith Carrizales said 100 complaints have been made so far and she expects there will be more.

The main problems are poor foundations, cracks in walls, plaster falling from the ceilings, poor waterproofing, subsidence and short circuits.

Carrizales also cited plumbing issues: turn on a tap and water appears on the floor.

The builder signed an agreement with homeowners a month ago to repair all the homes within six months, she said, but to date only three houses have been attended to, and even then the work has only been half finished.

The electrical installation was also insufficient, Carrizales said, and some appliances have been damaged. The Federal Electricity Commission inspected the work and said it was the fault of the contractor, the residents’ spokeswoman said.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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