Authorities cut down illegal avocado trees in México state. Authorities cut down illegal avocado trees in México state.

1,100 agents raid illegal avocado farms

256 hectares had been planted on protected forest land

The success of Mexico’s avocado industry has drawn the attention of farmers who are not fussy about legalities.


But three such farms growing the “green gold” on land in a natural protected area of the state of México were shut down by authorities this week.

The plantations covered an area of 256 hectares of what once was forest land in the Temascaltepec municipality and their conversion to agricultural use was brought to the attention of the environmental agency Profepa by anonymous complaints.

A formal investigation followed, resulting in a raid early Thursday morning by a force of more than 1,000 state and federal authorities led by the federal Attorney General’s office.

The land seized and close to 93,000 avocado trees were cut down.

The forces also dismantled electrical and water infrastructure, both in operation without the necessary permits, and seized farm vehicles and equipment.

The area is considered by environmental authorities as a priority zone, being close to the cities of Valle de Bravo and Toluca, capital of the state.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • jdwfinger

    Very nice. Now if they will send an equal amount after the narcos, it might mean something.

    • Pat

      Now send an equal amount to clean up the narcos who have taken over legitimate avocado plantations

  • Frothy Malt

    93,000 avocado trees planted and anonymous complaint got them all cut down.
    You can’t make this s8it up. It was probably the head of a cartel making that anonymous “complaint”. And then to send 1000 state and federal “authorities” to stop the bad bad avocado farmers.
    Hey! All you butt cheek state and federal “authorities”. There is a huge war going on up here at the border. You think maybe you could send some help up this way?

    • Beau

      You’re probably right; the cartels did not approve of that kind of “green gold” when they can use the soil to grow “papaver somniferum”.

  • John Cooper

    Why destroy the trees?

  • Mexicanbeachbum Robin

    disgusting. a “normal” mind would suggest keeping the trees and equipment active, give the jobs to workers, the trees help with the environment, and continue the harvesting and sales, run by the government so they can enjoy the revenue. so idiotic. what a stupid move. but then again follow the money trail, growing something more valuable, more profitable, hmmmm

    • Nick Bauer

      Robin, a normal mind might better understand that protected forest greenspace is not legally farmed, anymore than say, planting a commercial orchard in Yosemite. These planters are poaching on public land, which would best be restored to forest again, providing oxygen, carbon-fixing, and recreation opportunity to nearby Toluca.

  • Nick Bauer

    Thats 632 acres of illegally cleared forest

  • michael grosser

    Swut I keep trying to say…it ain’t US drug use that’s the problem these geeks go after anything
    and everything and anybody and everybody…should americans be made to feel guilty because of their rampant consumption of guacamole? Pleez pleez, somebody listen. If the us never smoked another shitty mex joint or shot mexican heroin Mexico will still be corrupt and
    violent. JEEEEEEZZZ!