A victim of eel bites in Nayarit. A victim of eel bites in Nayarit.

15 swimmers bitten by moray eels at Nayarit beach

Platanitos beach in Compostela has since been declared safe

Beachgoers in Compostela, Nayarit, suffered some nasty bites this week by moray eels.

About 15 people were bitten by the fish earlier this week at Platanitos beach, triggering a red flag alert Thursday evening to prohibit swimmers from entering the water.

The municipal Civil Protection office explained in a statement that the moray eels are not poisonous, and that it would collaborate with biologists to improve measures to prevent future incidents.

By noon Friday, the alert had been downgraded to yellow, allowing access to the water.

Later in the day, Civil Protection reported that the biologists had found no “harmful wildlife” present at Platanitos beach.

“This beach is completely safe, and we invite all foreign, national and local tourists to visit this beautiful beach,” said the municipal agency in a statement.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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