Market for solar can only grow. Market for solar can only grow.

160,000 homes in MX now use solar energy

Cost to install a system has dropped 70% in seven years

A solar energy company estimates that more than 160,000 Mexican homes are now powered by the sun, a figure that can only grow as installation costs continue to drop.

Not only is installing a household solar array getting cheaper, but homes paying the high-consumption domestic rate (tarifa DAC) can enjoy monthly savings of up to 95%, said the Mexican firm Enlight.

Company spokesman Juan Pablo Robert said solar energy has become the most competitive in the Mexican electricity market as a result of long-term energy policies implemented by the federal government.

Installation costs have plunged 70% since 2010, meaning solar energy has increasingly become the best option for homes and businesses.

Robert said that far from a luxury, solar energy is now a necessity for those paying the Federal Electricity Commission’s DAC rate.

He quoted official estimates that at least 160,000 households in the country use solar power, a number expected to grow by 29% this year.

With daily solar irradiation of 6.36 kilowatt hours per square meter, Mexico is one of the best countries in the world for solar, Robert said.

The federal government’s target is that 35% of all power generation comes from clean sources by 2024. According to official figures, the country is well on track: next year 25% of the power generated in Mexico is expected to be clean energy.

The current percentage of clean energy is 20%, but only 1% is solar.

Enlight is one of the five biggest solar firms in Mexico.

Source: Notimex (sp)

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