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199-year sentence for child pornography

American citizen was arrested in 2010 in Manzanillo

A federal court judge has sentenced an American citizen to 199 years in prison for operating a child pornography network and possession of restricted firearms.

Gary Michael Feroglia was arrested in 2010 in Manzanillo, Colima, after Federal Police tracked him down using evidence found among the thousands of pornographic images he had distributed by email.

In one photo of a young girl there was an embroidered crest on a piece of clothing, which investigators tracked down to being that of a school in Manzanillo. The girl’s mother, who had reportedly consented to the photos being taken, was also charged. She was sentenced to nine years in jail for the corruption of minors.

Authorities found over 100,000 images and 207 videos in Feroglia’s possession when he was arrested. In March 2010, they said, the accused had sent out more than 40,000 child pornography images by email.

Feroglia is also wanted by U.S. authorities after he violated the terms of his release from prison in 2004, after he was charged in Mountain View, California, with the transportation and sale of child pornography and possession of narcotics. He served two years before he was given a conditional release.

But he sold his house, renewed his passport and moved to Manzanillo.

At the sentencing yesterday, Feroglia was also fined 1.6 million pesos, about US $106,000.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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