Macías and Mansour: victims of political persecution? Macías and Mansour: victims of political persecution?

2 corruption suspects seek political asylum

Ex-Veracruz governor's wife and an associate claim political persecution

The wife of the ex-governor of Veracruz and one of his alleged front men are seeking political asylum abroad.


Karime Macías, who is under investigation for illicit enrichment and money laundering while her husband Javier Duarte was governor, applied several months ago for asylum in the United Kingdom, according to a report today by Reforma.

She claims she is a victim of political persecution.

Moisés Mansour Cysneiros has made the same claim before authorities in Canada, said the report, and has also initiated a request for asylum.

Mansour has been wanted in Mexico since October last year for organized crime, money laundering and tax fraud. He has been living in Vancouver, Canada, for the past year and a half. However, Reforma said there been no request made for his extradition to Mexico.

Macías, who has been living in London, England, since April 15, the report said, claims the Mexican justice system is being used to make unfounded criminal accusations against her as part of a campaign of political persecution.

Her request for asylum applies to her three children as well.

Duarte’s successor as governor of Veracruz said today it was “outrageous” that Macías should be making the request while living in “one of the most expensive cities in the world” with her children, her mother, personal staff and other family.

Miguel Ángel Yunes said what Macías ought to do is return to Mexico, “live modestly, return the money she stole to the citizens of Veracruz and in that way pay for her sins.”

Source: Reforma (sp), Radio Fórmula (sp)

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  • Asylum claims in the UK will take years to resolve. In the meantime her crimes will be forgotten and she will probably be claiming child allowance and other benefits in the UK while hiding the millions she and her husband have embezzled from Mexico. UK is a sucker for a sob story.

    • Steve Galat

      Not “a sob story”….U.K. is a laundromat for corrupt loot from everywhere….Criminals/oligarchs on the lam need only buy a 2,000 m² penthouse in Mayfair!

  • S L Andrew Palms

    I don’t believe one word of what both have said. They stole from the good people of Mexico. Extradite them back and throw there sorry asses in jail.

  • 101st

    Contact Calif’s governor Brown, I’m sure he’d welcome ya, with open arms.

  • Karen Walker

    Canada will let anyone in !