Firefighters remove an injured passenger from the bus that was struck by a train today Firefighters remove an injured passenger from the bus that was struck by a train today. af medios

2 killed, 15 injured after bus loses to train

Driver attempted to beat a train to a crossing in Jalisco

It would be impossible to say how many drivers in Mexico win when racing trains to a level crossing, but it is a well reported fact that there are many who lose.


One such race today cost the lives of a bus driver and one of his passengers and injured 15 more when the freight train won at a crossing in El Salto, Jalisco.

Firefighters had to use hydraulic equipment to free some of the passengers who were trapped inside the wreckage of bus.

It was carrying 60 passengers — soccer players and their families — from Altamira, Tamaulipas, to El Salto to participate in a tournament. Most of the players are 16 years old.

One passenger said the train was blowing its whistle as it approached the crossing but the driver accelerated anyway to attempt to cross. The locomotive struck the back of the bus, spun it around and flung it off the road, he said.

Source: Milenio (sp), AF Medios (sp)

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  • Jeff Swanson

    another one bites the dust, least we know this stupid genepool will end, to bad one had to go with him.
    Too many of these “clowns” driving buses in Mexico, all you need to do so is no brains, CHECK, on crack, CHECK AND STUPID!

  • Little Birdie

    What the fuc does the jury tampering “beat the train” even mean. Is that like beat the streets, beat the wife, beat the drums?

    How about greedy fuc railroad going too fast ran down a bus load of kids. The railroads must pay you to cover their asses.

    • Are you smoking weed?

    • Commander Barkfeather

      As a retired bus driver, I have studied numerous incidents of collisions between buses and trains. I have never come across a case where the bus driver was NOT at fault.

      • Little Birdie

        Maybe that’s why. Bus drivers and not traffic engineers. Was there 240 feet clear per 10 mph train speed on all quadrants?

    • cruz_ctrl

      @Little Birdie “railroad going too fast”
      haha! you obviously don’t know Ferromex… they are very slow. in almost 40 years , i have never seen a speeding mexican train. probably why the bus driver wanted to outrun the train or he would have to wait half an hour for the train to pass.

    • jbl

      You can’t beat your wife because the BN made her road kill.

  • David Censke

    So let me ask ? What can be done about this specific situation? I lost a nephew in this accident and i think the company and or the driver should be responsible along with the insurance company.. ANY ADVICE??

    • Little Birdie

      Sorry for your loss. Railroads are ran on greed and anything that gets in their way of a buck gets scrunched.

      You have a street name to add? …at a crossing in El Salto, Jalisco…seems like the writer was “trying to beat real reporting”. Looks like the Google Map drivers did a good job of covering the area for a street view anywhere. The article is for a town in Mexico by a NO NAME train company at a mysterious crossing that could have signals–could not have signals–could have had failed signals but it’s the bus driver who going to beat the train with a hammer or with some golf clubs–that might of or hadn’t physical problems-and could have had or not mechanical problems with the bus. Looks like the railroads 160 years of brainwash worked on this writer.

      It takes 162 feet of see distance for 10 mph of train speed on all four quadrants.