Veracruz rape suspects. Veracruz rape suspects.

2 of the Porkys have reportedly left MX

Lawyer is certain they will appear if summoned, but doubts they'll get a fair trial

At least two of the Porkys have left the country, according to various reports, raising questions about the outcome of a sexual assault case in Veracruz.

A young woman was allegedly assaulted in the city of Boca del Río last year by four young men from affluent families, but the legal status of the four college students remains unclear. The four, members of a club of sorts called Los Porkys de Costa de Oro, apologized for their actions in a video made public two weeks ago.

Two have reportedly left the country, Diego Cruz Alonso to Spain and Enrique Capitaine Marín to the United States, who traveled with his father.

A Veracruz state attorney for crimes against family, women and children and human trafficking has declared that the public prosecutor’s office is not qualified to restrict the freedom of movement of individuals under investigation for common-law crimes.

For his part, the defense attorney for the four alleged rapists has said he does not know the whereabouts of his clients nor has he been notified if they have left the country.

“I have no news in this regard, but I can guarantee that they will not be offered a just trial when they have already been publicly judged by the media and social networks, even by the justice department,” said Edgar Cinta, who was sure that his clients would appear if and when they are summoned by the courts.

The state Attorney General denied a week ago that any of the men have fled the country, and observed they had responded to all the summons issued for them to appear before authorities, the most recent of these being on March 26.

Several news outlets reported that Cruz left México on March 28 on an Aeroméxico flight to Madrid. Capitaine, meanwhile, reportedly traveled to Texas, where he grew up.

A Veracruz activist has declared that she has information regarding the whereabouts of the young men, and that none remain in Mexico.

María Elena Morera has demanded through an open letter that state governor Javier Duarte clarify whether the suspects “are still in Veracruz, or have instead fled the country. This is absolutely the responsibility of [Duarte’s] administration.”

Source: El Sol de México (sp), Reforma (sp)

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