The condominium in Acapulco where two Canadians died this morning. The condominium in Acapulco where two Canadians died this morning.

2 tourists dead after jumping from condo

The Canadian couple, aged in their 70s, left a suicide note

Two Canadian tourists jumped from the sixth floor of an Acapulco condominium this morning in an apparent suicide.


The Guerrero state prosecutor’s office said the couple had been identified as Aimeric de Again, 75, and Lina de Again, 70.

Their bodies were recovered shortly after 8:00am on the ground outside the Dos Mares condominiums in the Las Playas residential area in Caleta after the building manager reported the incident.

Officials said the couple left a letter in which Lina de Again explained that they had chosen to commit suicide because her husband was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

They offered their organs for donation and said they had sent their daughter a message asking her not to travel to Mexico to claim their bodies because they wanted to be buried in Acapulco.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • BB

    Now that is sad. Unfortunately, most people are still feeling doomed with these diseases that are sometimes remissible through homeopathic medicine. And of course even it’s illegal for conventional doctors to even tell them..

    • Estela Piquer

      Acupuncture or ortodox medicine. So sad

  • DreadFool

    not Again!

  • WestCoastHwy

    I was hoping it was owl905!

  • DeplorableVI

    I see a high wall with an even higher fence topped with razor wire all designed to keep people out. What people are they trying to keep out of that fine building? Americans? Norwegians maybe? Or are they trying to,keep out the same people who are angry about Trump building a wall? People who call Americans racist for building a wall is who they are keeping out of that fine building in Mexico.

    • Breathe deeply, amigo. You’ll feel better mañana. With luck.

  • mae61274

    A much needed wall is needed to keep deranged whites that commit massacres and family incest and tortures out of Mexico. That’s the 1st place they run to to hide. If Pena Nieto was smart, he’d start deporting American retirees back to Florida.

    • DeplorableVI

      I use to sell real estate in Miami and my best customers were always Mexican police officers. Apparently police officers in Mexico are well paid.

      • mae61274

        Apparently you had no issue taking dirty money from corrupt mexican cops

        • DeplorableVI

          Corrupt? They were Mexico’s finest. You make it sound like Mexico is a shi% Hole country or something.

          • Parque_Hundido

            I think you missed the point. You took their money. That makes YOU corrupt.

            You may now continue your pointless ranting. For the record, I’m inclined to doubt you ever held a job.

          • mae61274

            I can’t remember the last time a Mexican kid shot up a school or theater or church. The shithole status has transferred to USA.

          • DeplorableVI

            After School Shooter Nikolas de Jesus Cruz killed all them good white children who live just a few miles north of Miami we now know we should have built that wall 50 years ago.

          • mae61274

            I’m sure the Republic of Florida white supremacy militia is open to allowing new ethnicity groups into their Klan. Your making zero sense DeplorableVI

    • Ge0ffrey

      You might not know the difference between legal and illegal immigrants, but we do. You are more than welcome to cross the U.S. border for whatever length of time you can legally stay. While in the US, observe the laws. If you want to stay more permanently, make the necessary applications. That’s exactly what I have done to be able to stay in Mexico beyond 180 days. I have my own private health insurance. I pay all my bills. What I’m not going to do is to stay in Mexico illegally and be a burden to Mexican taxpayers. I will obey all laws.

      By the way, the two people who committed suicide were Canadian citizens. Let’s hope they didn’t hurt anyone else on the way down, or damage property. It is a very selfish act to have people have people see that, and to clean up the mess.

      • DeplorableVI

        I was told to relax and breath easy but the adviser is unaware how hard breathing is when I’m forced to support 50 or 60 illegal alien families squatting and free loading in my country. Some things no illegal alien ever says- please, thank you, where do I pay my hospital bill?, all my children are being fed 2 times a day and educated in this school, where do I pay tuition? What can I do to make the USA Better? Do you accept pesos? Is there someplace I can learn the English lanaguge? Things illegal aliens always say- white Gringo Americans are racist. Is this where I get food stamps? Is this where I get rent vouchers? How can I get a free mass transit pass?

        • mae61274

          1st its not your country, your ancestors are just as much immigrants as a Muslim or African. 2nd your petty tax contribution to the economy does not sustain any illegals. Most of it goes to keeping whites alive from lung cancer and other diseases.

          • DeplorableVI

            Trust me, the United States is my country. And remember, while Americans rocket to the moon and back Latinos learn to sneak into an English speaking country and beg for food stamps. What accomplishment. Florida is the only former Spanish colony in the New World that’s not a shithole. When Spain fled from the New World, no longer able to afford feeding countries filled with hungry Latinos they left behind beautiful cities. Today those cities are broken slums, filled with hungry people scheming how to get free food stamps from Yankees. No one hates a poor Mexican more than a wealthy Mexican.

    • Yummy Bear

      We’d love to deport you.

  • Yummy Bear

    Doubt it’s a suicide. Sounds like someone wanted their organs and left a fake note asking their daughter not to come and claim the bodies.

    • Todd Moore

      I agree