Rescue workers on the beach at Punta Bufeo. Rescue workers on the beach at Punta Bufeo.

24 beached whales die in Baja California

Pilot whales believed to have been disoriented, says Profepa

Despite rescue efforts by federal and local officials, the Army, Navy, fishermen and residents, 24 pilot whales died on the weekend after beaching themselves in Baja California.


The environmental protection agency Profepa reported that rescue attempts that began Saturday afternoon and carried through till Sunday morning at Playa Punta Bufeo succeeded in saving only three of the whales.

Rescuers dragged and pushed the mammals into deeper water but they kept returning to the beach. In the end, they were able to save three.

Profepa said in a statement that the whales appeared to have become disoriented because there were no signs of injury or that they had been caught in fish nets.

The agency noted that pilot whales have a strong sense of social cohesion and will not abandon fellow whales that are in danger, even if it means dying. If one whale beaches itself others will follow.

Punta Bufeo beach is located south of San Felipe in the muncipality of Ensenada.

Mexico News Daily

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