The Hotel Misión Arcángel in Puebla. The Hotel Misión Arcángel in Puebla.

24 hotels planned over next 12 months

Grupo Hoteles Misión plans 10, Marriott International 14

Two hotel owners have announced investments that will bring 24 new hotels to Mexico in the next 12 months.


Grupo Hoteles Misión will invest some US $250 million in 10 new properties this year in the cities of Puebla, San Luis Potosí, Toluca, Mérida, Celaya, Irapuato and Cozumel.

The company’s chairman of the board, Roberto Zapata Llabrés, said the hotels will open under a new tourism concept.

During the next two months two will open in the Angelopolis zone of Puebla and two more in San Luis Potosí, one at the World Trade Center and the other near the new BMW automotive plant.

Construction is expected to begin within days on the Cancún hotel, which will be located near the airport.

Zapata said two hotels will be opened in Mérida, which he said was beginning to establish itself as a center for services in the southeastern region of the country. The Yucatán capital was also chosen for being one of the principal — and fashionable — tourist destinations in Mexico.

An 80-room hotel will open on Paseo Montejo near the convention center. Another will be situated in the historic center.

Grupo Hoteles Misión currently has 60 hotels in 22 states in Mexico.

For Marriott International, 14 new hotels are in the plans, with a focus on business travel and luxury.

The company’s vice-president for global sales, Laura Santoni, said new luxury properties will open in Los Cabos and Mexico City.

Source: El Financiero (sp), CNN Expansión (sp)

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