Damage at municipal offices in Las Margaritas. Damage at municipal offices in Las Margaritas.

24 public servants kidnapped in Chiapas

Citizens frustrated by mayor's alleged inaction on new road

Frustrated by inaction on the part of the mayor, 200 angry residents of a town in Chiapas kidnapped 24 public servants from all three levels of government yesterday.

Residents of Tzamontik in the municipality of Las Margaritas are demanding the construction of a two-kilometer road, a project to which Mayor José Domingo Vázquez López has agreed but allegedly failed to implement.

Residents arrived at the municipal offices yesterday morning to request a meeting with the mayor but he was not present.

The group’s spokesman told reporters that since the mayor “is never at the municipal offices, we had no one left to complain to about his lack of commitment.”

As a result they took out their frustrations on the offices,breaking windows, tearing down doors and destroying furniture and electronic devices.

Then they seized the 24 municipal, state and federal government officials who were present and took them away to an unknown location in the Tzamontik region.

Authorities began this morning, attempting to reach a regional Tojolabal leader and sign some kind of agreement that results in the safe return of the kidnapped government officials, who belong to the municipal staff, the CDI, and the federal Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (Sagarpa).

Source: El Universal (sp)

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