A protest against violence earlier this year. The sign reads, 'Death chose Veracruz as its home and decided to live here.' A protest against violence earlier this year. The sign reads, 'Death chose Veracruz as its home and decided to live here.'

26 assassinated in three days in Veracruz

Citizens are being robbed of peace and tranquility: Catholic Church

The murder of a mayor on Friday in Veracruz — the second in a week — kicked off a violent weekend in the state: the tally was 26 assassinations.


After Ixhuatlán Mayor Víctor Manuel Espinoza Tolentino, his wife, and three others were killed in Banderilla Friday night, the violence moved to the city of Córdoba, where gunfights were reported in two neighborhoods, leaving two people dead.

After an armed group left four dismembered corpses with a narco-message in the municipality of Poza Rica, a gunfight ensued after security forces located the alleged killers. Three of the gangsters were shot dead.

The bodies of four people with signs of torture and bearing gunshot wounds were found near the Papaloapan river, three in Amatitlán municipality and the fourth in Tlacotalpan.

Two men were executed by the river Tesechoacan in the municipality of Isla, and another in Coatzacoalcos.

In Pánuco, a man and a woman were executed in two different incidents.

A body was found on the road between Martínez de la Torre and Novara, and in Minatitlán a man was executed inside a nightclub. The executed body of another man was found in Atzalan.

The weekend in Veracruz was the continuation of a trend. According to data from the National Public Security System (SNSP), there have been 1,514 violent homicides in the state since Governor Miguel Ángel Yunes took office in December last year and those figures don’t include this month’s homicides.

The Catholic Church in the state expressed its concern over conditions in Veracruz, stating that “the social fabric is badly decomposing and signs of death are everywhere, robbing citizens of their peace and tranquility.”

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • DreadFool


  • Help is on the way…

    Una repugnante nación de gente ignorante y perezosa que no hace nada para detener las matanzas, las violaciones de niñas, el robo de fondos públicos y los asesinatos. Qué sociedad enferma en México. Pero les encanta así o habría una revolución. ¿Yi o no?

    El presidente tiene el poder de reducir el crimen pero no lo hace: “¡Es por el bien del país y su gente”, dice!

    Los ricos tienen protección, pero no legos comunes. Ellos son tratados como si supieras qué. Ignorado

    • Commander Barkfeather

      My Spanish is not very good, but if I read you correctly, describing Mexico as “repugnant,” and Mexicans as “ignorant and lazy,” accomplishes little towards a solution, but only further advances the stereotype that the people are morally unworthy of salvation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Perhaps if the US were to share a little drone technology, along with necessary financial support and technical advice, a big dent could be realized in eliminating these cockroaches. Of course drugs should also be legalized, thereby eliminating the profit incentive.

      • Marselino Blanco

        Your Spanish is very good,I want to give you my personal opinion,iam Mexican and I don’t agree about what you said about Mexicans,is very true that is a lot a bad people, but if you going to express your self kind of judge people then why don’t you think about your own sick people that are very dependable about the drugs that cartels send to the USA.and how can you said all other things when North America really is not doing much about it,city’s are full of drugs, how those drugs keep coming in to USA.before pretend helping others why not start do something serious about all the sick drug’s users?if didn’t exist drug abusers it wouldn’t be a reason for cartels to exist so think about it and don’t judge just because others do bad things differently than you r people, those who give orders to kill people just for their own self fish interest of hungry power iam talking about government s , those are not better than cartels people !!! sounds like the ignorance is getting you too!!(

  • Pogo

    What a fight you have down there, my Mexican friends. You often elect fine people for office in the lower levels, only to have them hounded into bribery or outright murdered. Journalists, as well. It is so heartbreaking!