Bullet holes tell the story of this morning's battle. Bullet holes tell the story of this morning's gunfight.

14 dead in Chihuahua as rival gangs battle

Confrontation took place in Madera between factions of Sinaloa and Juárez cartels

Rival gangs had it out early this morning in Madera, Chihuahua, leaving at least 14 people dead.

State Attorney General César Augusto Peniche had initially announced that 26 people were killed in the gun battle, but the number was revised earlier this afternoon.

Authorities had learned earlier of the movement of people carrying weapons towards the village of Las Varas, said Peniche. Security forces arrived in the area as a confrontation between gangs of armed civilians was under way.

The gangsters turned their fire on police when they arrived but none of the officers was hurt.

Three people have been arrested and 10 vehicles and 20 weapons seized, said Peniche.

Another government spokesman said the battle was between the gang known as La Línea, which is linked with the Juárez Cartel, and another linked to the Sinaloa Cartel.

Two weeks ago, two officers were killed when the local police station was attacked. Days after, at least eight bodies were found in secret graves behind the local cemetery.

There were other confrontations in the area in May, when one civilian was killed. Nearly 3,000 shell casings of various calibers were recovered at the scene.

Las Varas is situated about 460 kilometers southwest of Ciudad Juárez.

Source: Reforma (sp), El Diario (sp)

UPDATE: The story contains new information revealed this afternoon regarding the number of people killed.

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