Sánchez: 26 years in jail. Sánchez: 26 years in jail.

Gulf Cartel boss in Tabasco sentenced to 26 years

Almost 10 years after his arrest, Gulf Cartel leader Alberto Sánchez Hinojosa has been sentenced by a federal judge to 26 years behind bars.

Sánchez, also known as El Tony and Comandante Castillo, was found guilty of organized crime and weapons offenses.

The judge also ruled that Sánchez’s bodyguards will spend 16 years in prison for collaborating with him.

Sánchez was apprehended in September 2008 and identified as being responsible for the homicide of a high-ranking ex-military man and government official in Tabasco, as well as for kidnapping, extortion and killing of business people, livestock breeders and public servants in the same state.

He controlled all Gulf Cartel activities in the state, including the smuggling, sale and distribution of drugs. He was also behind a series of signs posted throughout the state that threatened state and federal authorities.

Two months before his arrest, the Navy seized close to six tonnes of cocaine that were being transported via a submersible craft and that Sánchez was waiting for in the Oaxaca port city of Salina Cruz.

Sánchez took over from José Akal López as leader of the cartel after the latter was arrested in 2007. Akal himself had replaced Mateo Díaz López, known as Comandante Mateo, after his arrest.

Díaz was an army deserter and one of the founders of the Zetas cartel, originally an armed wing of the Gulf Cartel.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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