Enrique Horcasitas Enrique Horcasitas: his train has left the station.

3 arrested, 3 sought to answer for Line 12

Interpol asked to watch for the former head of the construction project

Three arrests have been made and three more people are being sought in connection with the construction problems on Line 12 of Mexico City’s public transit system, the Metro.

One of those sought is Enrique Horcasitas, the former head of Proyecto Metro, the agency responsible for building the US $1.7-billion, 25 kilometer train line, who is wanted for abuse of power.

The other two are former construction and public works director Moises Guerrero Ponce and former deputy public works and technical support director Sergio Aguirre Mendoza, also wanted for abuse of power.

Federal District officials have requested the three be put on the Interpol watch list because efforts to locate them have been unsuccessful.

Those arrested yesterday were Juan Armando Rodríguez Lara, former general manager of administration for Proyecto Metro, who has been accused of corruption in connection with the retention of 8.4 million pesos (US $530,000), and Juan Manuel Martínez Juárez and Abraham Vizcarra Baltazar, who are charged with illegally issuing a contract worth more than 1 million pesos.

Another 31 people have been identified as possible suspects.

Line 12 has been plagued by defects such as incorrect track widths causing excessive vibration and wear and tear.

The finger of blame has been pointed by many at Marcel Ebrard, Mexico City mayor when the line was built, but he is not among those under suspicion, an official said.

Source: El Universal (sp), EFE (en), Milenio (sp)

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