Damaged bridge in Guerrero. Damaged bridge in Guerrero.

3 missing in Guerrero as Max touches down

Hurricane made landfall southeast of Acapulco; another storm threatens Baja

Hurricane Max made landfall yesterday afternoon in Guerrero and is now a low-pressure area, but tropical storm Norma is gaining strength and bearing down on the Baja peninsula.

Three people are missing and some 600 homes are damaged due to flooding after Hurricane Max touched down at 4:00pm yesterday in the Guerrero municipality of Florencio Villareal, 90 kilometers southeast of Acapulco.

Two people are missing in the municipality of Mártir de Cuilapan and another in San Marcos, where a river overflowed its banks and flooded 200 homes.

The hurricane made landfall in the community of Pico del Monte with winds gusting to 165 kilometers per hour.

Worst hit were the municipalities of Ometepec and San Marcos, where there was widespread flooding reported this morning. Floodwaters were as deep as two meters.

Various communities were cut off due to damage to highways and bridges. One was the bridge at Las Vigas on the Acapulco-Pinotepa Nacional highway.

Pico del Monte

The storm’s heavy rain began inflicting damage as early as Wednesday, when rivers began overflowing and flooding more than 300 homes in Acapulco and communities in the Costa Grande region.

Three hours after touching land, Max was downgraded to a tropical storm, said Conagua, the National Water Commission, by which time it had reached San Luis Acatlán, 130 kilometers east of Acapulco.

Farther north, meanwhile, the United States National Hurricane Center (NGHC) expects Norma to become a hurricane by tonight and warned that a hurricane or tropical storm watch could be required later today for portions of the Baja peninsula.

As of 10:00am CDT it was situated 135 kilometers east of Socorro Island and 465 kilometers south of Cabo San Lucas with maximum sustained winds of 100 kilometers per hour. Further strengthening is expected over the next 48 hours, said the NHC.

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