Politicians enjoy a helmet-free ride. Politicians enjoy a helmet-free ride.

3 on a motorcycle no issue for candidate

Politicians ride without helmets to campaign launch

Not even would-be state governors or Mexico City borough chiefs have much use for traffic laws.


A candidate for the governor’s office in Puebla arrived at the launch of his campaign yesterday aboard a motorcycle — along with two others.

And none wore a helmet.

Antonio Gali Fayad, candidate for the National Action Party-Labor Party-New Alliance coalition, and his fellow riders broke two laws, one requiring helmets and the other that dictates a motorcycle can only carry as many passengers as there are seats.

Like most motorcycles, that which carried the candidate had but two seats.

Sharing those seats with Gali Fayad were the vehicle’s operator and Mexico City politician Xóchitl Gálvez, head of the borough of Miguel Hidalgo.

It is possible that transit police, should there have been any about yesterday, concluded the three were just another family out doing errands on the family vehicle.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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  • Phillip Trimbath

    My personal best is a sighting of 5 people on a moto two of which were holding a 6 ft Christmas tree. Laws in Mexico are made to be ignored.

  • One of the beauties of Mexico is that stupid laws get ignored. Sure, lots of good laws get ignored too, but if you’re gonna err, err on the side of liberty. Anyway, helmet laws are nonsense.

    • Beau

      Wrong- Liberty has nothing to do with lack of professional ethic and disregard for the law. After all, he is running for Governor and should be in his best behavior. Disgraceful.

  • Beau

    Typical Mexican politicos, they clean their asses with the constitution and it’s laws.