Kidnapper gets 335 years. Kidnapper, killer gets 335 years.

335-year sentence for kidnapping, murder

Longest prison sentence ever ordered in Baja California

A 33-year-old man has been sentenced to a historic 335-year-long prison sentence by a court in Baja California for kidnapping four migrants and killing one of them.


The crimes date back to April 2015 when Jesús Alonso N and a minor tricked the four migrants by promising to help them cross the border. Instead, they were taken to a house in the Los Pinos neighborhood of Mexicali.

The migrants were kept there against their will there for nine days while they were forced to call relatives asking for ransom money. Their captors threatened the migrants with handguns and beat them during the calls, coercing relatives to transfer the money.

The torment ended when the four victims agreed to try to overpower their kidnappers. As one of the captives was uncuffed before a meal he tried to escape but was shot and killed.

In the ensuing altercation the migrants overpowered their captive, took away his gun and managed to flee and notify police.

Jesús Alonso was found guilty and sentenced to an accumulated 335 years behind bars and fined 3.8 million pesos.

In a statement, the deputy attorney for special investigations said it was the longest prison sentence issued by a court in the history of Baja California, and possibly the second longest in the country.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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