Victim of Patricia. Victim of Patricia.

38,000-tonne ship damaged in hurricane

The Llanitos is stuck at Punta Graham near Barra de Navidad

A 223-meter-long freighter that left the port of Manzanillo to escape the wrath of Hurricane Patricia didn’t get very far, and came out rather the worse for wear.

The Navy responded to a call for aid from the captain of the Llanitos after the ship lost power and sustained structural damage at Punta Graham, near Barra de Navidad, Jalisco.

An Mi-17 helicopter was dispatched to the 38,000-tonne ship, which was situated about 43 kilometers from Manzanillo, between a large rock and a cliff.

The chopper landed on the ship’s deck and rescued 19 of the 27 crew members. The remainder remained aboard voluntarily to look after the ship and its cargo.

There was structural damage to the vessel in the engine room and there was a serious risk of greater damage, according to reports.

Source: Excélsior (sp)

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