Sunday's storm brought hail, rain and wind. Sunday's storm brought hail, rain and wind. últimas noticias

4 dead after storm brings heavy rain, hail

54 millimeters of rain fell during 90 minutes in Coacalco

Torrential rains and hail in five State of México municipalities on Sunday resulted in the deaths of four people and extensive damage due to flooding and fallen trees.

The heaviest rainfall reported was 54 millimeters over the course of 90 minutes early Sunday morning in Coacalco, where 65 homes sustained damages.

One of the victims was a 45-day-old baby who perished when a vehicle driven by the infant’s father was swept by flood waters into the Borracho River in Huixquilucan. The father, mother and a five-year-old survived.

Worst of the storm damage was seen in Coacalco, Ecatepec, Tulitlán, Cuatitlán and Huixquilucan, where the heavy rains were accompanied by wind and hail. The Infrastructure Secretariat of the state government said the official precipitation figure for the Valley of México was 28 millimeters during 90 minutes, a volume of water that proved too much for storm drains in many areas.

One report said the volume was three times greater than the capacity of the drainage system.

Damage was sustained by 95 houses and 35 vehicles while 36 trees fell and widespread flooding was reported.

The military was called in to assist with the cleanup in Coacalco, where accumulations of hail totaled as much as a meter and a half.

Seventy-five elements of the Grupo Tlaloc emergency response network were deployed to help remove water from flooded homes, disinfect water cisterns, clean streets and attend to families whose homes were damaged.

Floods were also reported in at least nine neighborhoods of Mexico City.

Source: Ultimas Noticias (sp), Milenio (sp)

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Photos courtesy Ultimas Noticias

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