The solar park in Matamoros, Coahuila. The solar park in Matamoros, Coahuila.

40-hectare solar park opened in Coahuila

It will power government facilities in two municipalities

A new, 40-hectare solar park was inaugurated yesterday in Matamoros, Coahuila, an 800-million-peso (US $43-million) project that will power municipal and state facilities and services.

The Coahuila Solar Park’s 76,400 solar panels in Noacán can generate over 20 million kilowatts per year.

Built by the Spanish firm Grupo TSK and Macquarie México and operated by the latter firm, the new park will provide the power needed by the state government in the region and to the municipalities of Torreón and Matamoros for at least 15 years.

Surplus electricity it generates will be sold to a private firm.

Governor Miguel Riquelme Solís said that having a solar array supply the power needed by the two municipalities was a step toward what he called “a green age.”

“Coahuila is a state that bets on renewable energies, on biotechnology, on information technologies, on the aerospace [industry]. That is what is coming for our state,” he said.

Macquarie México vice-president Carlos Isorna Suárez said Coahuila is a great investment destination for renewable energy projects, given its geographic characteristics and the quality of its infrastructure.

Construction of the park began in 2014, creating an estimated 600 direct and indirect jobs.

Now completed and fully operational, the photovoltaic power station is to be staffed by 40 people.

Source: El Universal (sp), T21 (sp)

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