The bundle of pot launched this week over the border. The bundle of pot launched this week between Sonora and Arizona.

45-kilo bundle of pot launched over border

Border patrol agents spotted the flying object on surveillance video

It was neither bird nor plane nor Superman that came flying over the Mexican border into the United States on Wednesday. It was a bundle of pot.

Border patrol agents saw it coming on surveillance video and subsequently seized a a 45-kilogram package of marijuana near the border fence between Sonora and Arizona.

Its value was estimated to be US $48,000.

Border patrol spokeswoman Stephanie Dixon said drug smugglers are increasingly launching large bundles of marijuana over the fence, but warned the practice “is extremely dangerous to the public” because of their weight.

She knew of one bundle of pot that went through the roof of a dog house.

The area where the package landed on Wednesday is close to some businesses, but no property damage was reported.

Dixon said she was unaware of the location from which the marijuana had been launched or if Mexican authorities were investigating the incident.

The border fence stands between five and seven meters high at the point where the package sailed overhead into U.S. territory.

In the past, catapults, trebuchets and high-pressure air cannons have been used as launch vehicles.

In September, Mexican authorities in Agua Prieta, Sonora, found an abandoned van outfitted with a three-meter long air cannon. Equipped with an air compressor, a gasoline engine and an air storage tank, local police concluded it was intended to launch packages of drugs over the fence.

Source: The Associated Press (en)

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