Dep. Gómez Michel Assassinated: Dep. Gómez Michel

60 officials killed in Jalisco in 18 months

Federal deputy is the latest to die, a week after the governor said violence is not increasing

Last week, the governor of Jalisco said there was nothing to indicate there had been a resurgence of violence in the state. Yesterday, the burned body of a missing congressman was found, bringing to more than 60 the number of Jalisco public servants and politicians who have been killed during the 18-month administration of Gov. Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz.

Gabriel Gómez Michel, 49, an Institutional Revolutionary Party member who represented Jalisco in the federal Chamber of Deputies, was seized on Monday in the historic town of Tlaquepaque, outside Guadalajara, while driving to the airport.

A torched SUV identified as belonging to Gómez was discovered yesterday in Zacatecas with two bodies inside, burned beyond recognition. Officials confirmed today that one of them was Gómez, and the other his assistant, Heriberto Núñez Ramos.

No motive has been determined nor is there any record of threats against the congressman, who represented Autlán in Congress and was a former mayor of El Grullo, said state Attorney General Luis Carlos Nájera.

Sin Embargo reported yesterday that just eight days after becoming Secretary of Tourism, José de Jesús Gallegos Alvarez was killed in Guadalajara. It came out after, following a confession by his assassins, that the killing had been ordered by the Nueva Generación cartel but it’s not known why.

On August 3 the mayor of Ayutla, Manuel Gómez Torres, was killed along with his bodyguard.

As of that date, 60 public servants employed at different levels have been executed in 18 months and most of the killings are believed to have been the work of organized crime. Fifty-six per cent took place in Guadalajara; few have been solved.

Security videos from the scene where Gómez was taken show an assault team of heavily armed men seizing the deputy on the periférico of Guadalajara.

Yesterday, Attorney General Nájera echoed the the governor’s comments of last week. “Serious crime is on the decline in Jalisco.”

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