Police vehicle after this morning's ambush. Police vehicle after this morning's ambush.

7 dead in Apatzingán after police ambushed

Caballeros Templarios suspected in attack near their former lair

Seven people have been reported killed, two of them state police, in a confrontation early this morning near Apatzingán, Michoacán.

According to military sources, police had been engaged in decommissioning a ranch known as the Fortaleza de Anunaki, former stronghold and meeting place of the Caballeros Templarios crime gang, located about half an hour from Apatzingán.

After leaving the ranch they were ambushed, presumably by remnant members of the same gang. The dead are two police officers, three gang members and two occupants of a vehicle that was passing by at the time.

Five police officers have been reported wounded and in serious condition and two others are missing.

Apatzingán Mayor Alejandro Villanueva del Río conceded this afternoon that because of the presence of cartels in the area, part of the Tierra Caliente region, “things aren’t good” in his town.

Things weren’t good in Apatzingan back in December either when a self-proclaimed civil defense group took over municipal headquarters where they remained until January 6 when federal authorities took it back.

Nine people died in the process, all of them members of the defense group.

The Fortaleza de Anunaki was the home of Caballeros leader Nazario “El Chayo” Moreno González and boasted rodeo grounds with capacity for 1,000 people, a casino and cockfighting ring.

Source: OEM (sp), Quadratín (sp)

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