Puebla Attorney General's office: theft from within. Puebla Attorney General's office: theft from within.

8 million pesos stolen from evidence facility

Head of the evidence department has become a suspect since he disappeared

The Attorney General’s office in the state of Puebla has itself been the victim of crime: 8.2 million pesos (US $433,000) in cash and assets are missing from an evidence storage facility.

An investigation has revealed that staff in charge of watching over assets that had been confiscated by the Attorney General’s office systematically stole them.

The person in charge of the Department of Evidence, Nahur Hernández Santaella, has been missing since last month. He is now under investigation, as are two senior officials in the department.

Hernández had already been accused of the illegal diversion of cash payments received by his office and for the disappearance of vehicles.

The magnitude of Hernández’s allegedly illegal operation was revealed when an individual attempted to recover property only to discover that it had been stolen from under the noses of justice officials.

So far, Hernandez is accused of stealing 6 million pesos in cash and 2.2 million pesos worth of goods including vehicles, jewelry, weapons and appliances.

Inquiries have revealed that his spouse is an active agent in the public prosecutor’s office, assigned to the C5 integrated security control center in Cuautlancingo. Authorities suspect that she alerted her husband of the case against him, allowing him to flee.

Source: Periódico Central (sp), El Sol de Puebla (sp)

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