Don't let the violence become normal was one message of participants in a vigil last night in Guadalajara. Don't let the violence become normal was one message of participants in a vigil last night in Guadalajara.

8-month-old baby one of two more Guadalajara fatalities

Infant and his mother suffered severe burns after the bus in which they were riding was set on fire

Authorities in Jalisco have confirmed that an eight-month-old baby boy was one of two fatalities in Guadalajara that followed an attempt Monday on the life of the state’s former attorney general.

The infant, identified only by his first name Tadeo, was traveling with his 26-year-old mother in a city bus that was hijacked and set alight by assailants Monday night, just hours after an estimated 12 armed civilians opened fire on Labor Secretary Luis Carlos Nájera.

The Jalisco Secretariat of Health said the baby died in a Guadalajara hospital yesterday after suffering burns to 98% of his body. His mother remained in intensive care as of last night with burns to 90% of her body.

The attack on the bus was made in retaliation for the arrest of six men in connection with the attack on Nájera, who was attorney general between 2013 and 2015.

Seven people were wounded in the initial shootout between suspected members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), Nájera’s bodyguard and two Single Command police officers.

The incident occurred after the labor secretary and his security detail left a downtown Guadalajara restaurant a few minutes after 5:00pm.

Another city bus and a car were also hijacked and set on fire Monday night to create narco-blockades at three locations.

Following the confirmation of Tadeo’s death, Jalisco Governor Aristóteles Sandoval lamented the loss on Twitter.

“. . . I can’t describe the pain I feel, the anger of knowing that there are individuals who don’t respect anyone’s life, not even that of a little baby,” he wrote.

The infant’s death triggered an outpouring of emotion from local residents. About 60 people gathered at the Guadalajara traffic circle called the Niños Heroés Glorieta, where they held a vigil, called for justice for Tadeo and denounced the security situation in the state.

One mourner present told the newspaper Reforma that lighting a candle for the deceased infant was one way for citizens to begin to reclaim the city from the violence it has endured.

Repeated chants of “justice for Tadeo” rang out from the traffic circle, where less than a month ago thousands of protesters also called for justice for three film students who were allegedly murdered by members of the CJNG in March before their bodies were dissolved in acid.

Following Monday’s initial shootout but before the roadblocks were established, a 59-year-old electronics company employee was hit by a stray bullet while traveling on a bridge in Zapopan at around 5:50pm. He happened to pass by during a confrontation between security authorities and armed men suspected of being involved in the attack on Nájera.

Javier Sánchez died the same day from the wound he sustained although the state Attorney General’s office didn’t confirm his death until yesterday.

News website Informador said that one of the presumed criminals involved in Monday’s violence also died yesterday morning after suffering a heart attack.

Source: Informador (sp) Reforma (sp)

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