The Reynosa prison where the riot took place. The Reynosa prison where the riot took place.

9 inmates killed in Reynosa prison riot

Two gangs vie for control of the Tamaulipas penitentiary

A riot at the Cedes prison yesterday in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, left nine inmates dead and 11 wounded.


A violent brawl began between 1:30 and 2:00pm during the penitentiary’s visiting hours.

The state security office reported later that the fight was between two organized crime groups that used sticks, stones and makeshift knives.

The riot was apparently sparked by one gang’s attempt to dethrone an inmate known as El Borrado, who allegedly controls the facility.

Relatives that were in the prison at the time reported hearing gunshots, which the state security office said were fired by police as a dissuasive measure.

The fight was controlled after an hour through a joint operation by state and federal officials. The penitentiary is expected to issue an official report on the events later today.

On May 13, an unfinished tunnel was found inside the jail, while during an inspection carried out seven days later two firearms and unused magazines were found buried in a planter located close to the conjugal visit area.

On July 12, a second tunnel was found, this one located outside the prison grounds.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • cooncats

    Mexican jails are a joke. No wonder they want to ship their criminals to the U.S.

    • Travis Franklin Shirley

      Wrong amigo, the last thing a Mexican wants is to be sent to the MEAT MARKET PRISON SYSTEM in the .US. I would do 2 years in MX prison before doing 1 year in the U.S. (pssst, ask me how I know an why I know

      • cooncats

        Read what I wrote. Obviously the criminals don’t want to go there but the government is happy to ship them to the U.S. for obvious reasons of cost and because the criminals aren’t running the jails they aren’t going to escape and they sure aren’t living in luxury. El Chapo being a very good case in point.

        As I said, Mexican jails are a joke.

        • Travis Franklin Shirley

          Read what you wrote, MX is not, can not, ship MX prisoners to the U.S. TO DO TIME, an the U.S. is not shipping anyone BOTH>UNLESS THEY ARE WANTED IN THAT COUNTRY FOR A CRIME.

  • Travis Franklin Shirley

    When did Mexico start shipping MX prisoners to the U.S.? Extradite si, just ship I don”t think so.
    Prisons in the U.S. have their gangs that rule. If you think the U.S. system is not corrupt- think again