The sign is missing the word 'each.' The sign is missing the word 'each.'

9,000 pesos’ worth of deodorant for 39.90

Store refuses honor discount but consumer protection agency says it must

An observant shopper in Altamira, Tamaulipas, may be getting a huge bargain on deodorants although the store selling them has so far refused to honor the discount offered.

Juan de Dios Partido went shopping on the weekend at the Arteli Via supermarket where he came across the special offer. “All deodorants . . . only 39.90,” read the sign, without specifying it meant 39.90 (US $2.17) for each one.

So he loaded up his shopping cart with 235 containers, whose total cost at the sale price would be over 9,000 pesos.

And that’s how much the cashier wanted to charge Partido. And so did the manager when he was called over to address the situation as did another more senior executive.

So Partido called Profeco.

The consumer protection agency advised him that the store would have to honor the sale price — all 235 containers for 39.90 pesos. It asked Partido to send him photos of the sign offering the discount and an agent would accompany him to the store within no more than three days.

Source: El Cinco (sp)

Partido and his shopping cart.
Partido, left, and his shopping cart.
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