Students wait to write entrance exams at IPN on the weekend. Students wait to write entrance exams at IPN on the weekend.

92,000 wrote university entrance exam but only 24,000 will get in

Exams were written on the weekend at the National Polytechnic Institute

Of the 92,000 preparatory school graduates who wrote entrance exams to enroll in one of Mexico’s largest public universities, only 24,000 will actually get in.

The prospective students wrote their exams on the weekend, hoping to study at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN). The 68,000 who don’t make it will have to wait a year for the next round of entrance exams, or look at other options.

“The IPN is making its best effort to accommodate all students aspiring to enroll in the institution,” said María Guadalupe Vargas Jacobo, the school’s secretary of education services. “Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to accept them all.”

Even more students were turned away last year.

Vargas said only 22,000 were accepted out of a whopping 107,000 applicants.

Diana Laura Morales Rivera, 17, knows that getting in to IPN is not easy. So in order to be as prepared as she could for the weekend’s exams she dedicated four hours every day to her studies starting in early February.

She also enrolled in two preparation courses in pursuit of her dream to study economics.

But Morales has hedged her bets. She also applied to two other schools and has already written exams at the National Autonomous University of México (UNAM) and the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), where she was accepted.

But studying at IPN would mean she was continuing a recent family tradition. Morales’ parents and four of her aunts and uncles are IPN graduates.

“The Polytechnic is more reputable, has more academic prestige,” she told the newspaper El Universal. Morales went over the study plan at UAM and IPN, and preferred the latter.

The economics major was hopeful when interviewed after finishing the exam.

Now she must wait until July 8 to learn whether she made it.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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