Sifting for bone fragments in Coahuila. Sifting for bone fragments in San Pedro de las Colonias.

9,700 bone fragments found in Coahuila

Parents' organization has helped locate nearly 38,000 fragments in Laguna region

Volunteers continue to find human remains in the Coahuila municipality of San Pedro de las Colonias.


In the last four days, members of Grupo Vida, an organization of parents whose children have disappeared, have turned up more than 9,700 bone fragments in the ejido of Santa Elena.

The group has been working in the municipality and other parts of the Laguna region since 2015, during which time they have discovered at least 37,900 bone fragments in four different ejidos. One of those was El Patrocinio, where 14,000 fragments were found.

The most recent finds consist of fragments of skulls, vertebrae, femurs and even teeth, said Grupo Vida president Silvia Ortíz de Sánchez Viesca, who said that although the number of fragments is large, they cannot tell if it is a hidden grave they have found because so far they have not come across an entire body.

One challenge facing investigators at this point is the absence of genetic profiles for many of the people who have disappeared in the state. The Coahuila Attorney General has a registry of 1,800 people missing but there is genetic information for only half of them.

Ortíz is urging families of the victims to come forward and provide DNA samples to the Attorney General’s office. She said Governor Rubén Moreira and Attorney General Homero Ramos Gloria have agreed to launch a campaign to that end.

About 20 people are working on the Santa Elena site, including personnel from the Federal Police scientific division and stage agencies. Ortíz said they are accompanied by Grupo Vida members, who spend seven hours a day searching for burial sites.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • K. Chris C.

    Sad when people’s kids and family have been murdered, ground up,and buried, and the people just roll over for it. The problem of tyranny owes its roots to submission to it by the people, and the people not holding power accountable, retribution, for their crimes against them. Follows the same argument that power uses to maintain their so-called “law and order.”

    “Tyranny is submission. Liberty is demanded.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

    • Happygirl

      This comment is written by someone who himself turned his back on his own country. He came to Mexico because of the “tyranny”, corruption of government and big business he sees in the USA, this man is himself unwilling to stay and hold his own government /country accountable. He proudly calls himself an American citizen. Now, he sprouts of on Mexico….it is easier to complain where you cannot legally as a foreigner do anything political. Delusional fool…he forgets that most of these victims were victims of organized crime. If he wants to hold the cartels responsible, in his own words -” the people not holding power accountable, retribution, for their crimes against them”, I suggest he go to Coahuila and organize a protest against the cartels and their goons …but, I’m not holding my breath.

  • Henry Wilson

    an entire generation of young people nearly wiped out in the last 15 years in mexico. and yet the mexicans are more concerned about whether they will have to pay for trump’s wall. “a people usually deserve the government they get.” j. de maestere, 19th cen. french essayist and diplomat. regarding mexico and most mexicans, truer words never spoken.