Some of the fish that fell from the sky in Tamaulipas. Some of the fish that fell from the sky in Tamaulipas.

A fishy rain falls in southern Tamaulipas

Small fish are sucked up by water spouts before falling back to Earth

It was raining fish in southern parts of Tamaulipas state on Tuesday.

The small fish accompanied normal rain and were seen falling in various parts of the city of Tampico, but particularly in the Lomas de Rosales neighborhood.

The phenomenon is rare but not completely out of the ordinary, according to state officials, who explained that the fish are sucked up off the surface of a waterway by tornados, or waterspouts.

After they are swept up into a storm cloud they return to Earth with rain.

It’s not only small fish that can be drawn up by the waterspouts. It has also been known to rain shrimp and even frogs in some locations.

The phenomenon was reported in May in northern California. After a storm passed over the city of Oroville, the grounds of an elementary school were left covered in tiny dead fish.

Source: Hoy Tamaulipas (sp)

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