fake police car It's a fake.

Abandoned cop car is another clone

Markings, color identical to an authentic Michoacán patrol car

Another cloned police car has turned up in Michoacán.

After a fake patrol vehicle turned up in Parácuaro last April, authorities said they suspected there were another 15-20 circulating in the area, presumably in the hands of armed civilians.

The Honda CR-V located abandoned in undergrowth near a roadside in Uruapan appears to be one of those. It had the logos and markings and coloring that made it identical to a Michoacán police vehicle.

Only this time there were no spelling errors.

The vehicle found in April bore the name, “Policía Michoacán. Divicion Fuerza Rural.”

The word divicion is spelled with an “s” and not a “c” and has an accent over the “o.”

Four men were taken into custody on that occasion, and firearms and ammunition were seized.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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