Sandoval: abortion is the cruelest crime. Sandoval: abortion is the cruelest crime.

Abortion, executions both acts of barbarity

Controversial cardinal speaks out on 'sins' of abortion, feminism and more

Abortion is a crime committed with the same barbarity as a narco execution, according to Roman Catholic Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez.


The staunch pro-life cardinal and former archbishop of Guadalajara made the comparison while officiating at a mass at a soccer stadium in Mexico City Sunday.

“We have sinned with the most terrible, most serious and cruelest crime: abortion,” the cardinal said.

“Practiced up and down the length and breadth of our homeland, sometimes with the consent of wicked laws and sometimes secretly [and] furtively but always with cruelty, with treachery and with advantage taken against the innocent [and] the defenseless,” he continued.

The analogy was followed by the claim that violent murders perpetrated by drug cartel members are retribution for what he considers to be a heinous sin.

“Many thousands of innocent babies are constantly murdered in the wombs of their mothers and in return, in punishment for this crime, organized crime kills and dismembers its victims, just as children are destroyed in the mother’s womb,” he asserted.

The purpose of the mass, organized and attended by Catholic groups as well as members of civil society, was to atone for national sins and seek reconciliation with God following lessons learned in the aftermath of the September 7 and 19 earthquakes.


“Sins” such as abortion, feminism, corruption and cartel violence were the cause of such tragedies, Sandoval said.

The cardinal also asserted that gender ideology represented a threat to both families and life itself and sought to “ruin, subjugate and besiege towns.”

“Without morals or families, our country has no future. Perverse gender ideology, imposed from outside . . . finds enthusiastic promoters in our country,” he lamented.

After the mass, Sandoval led more than 3,000 parishioners in a procession through the streets of the capital until they reached the site of a collapsed building in the neighborhood of Colonia del Valle, where they observed a minute’s silence.

Sandoval is no stranger to controversy and has long opposed not only abortion but also the use of contraceptives and gay marriage.

In 2015, the cardinal presided over a church-sponsored exorcism which sought to banish such ills as abortion, violence, Satanism, corruption and “the legalization of sexual aberrations.”

Source: El Universal (sp), El Horizonte (sp)

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  • Mason

    What a creepy and ignorant scumbag.

  • Vernon King

    Normal behavior for a conservative cardinal. I would not care but he thinks he speaks to God and has the right to make moral decisions for everybody catholic or not. Thats the danger of these MEN. He is a bully.

    • BB

      Unfortunately, even in 2017, some men still don’t understand the decision a woman has to make when carrying a child to birth. They still don’t understand that it’s quite different from planting a seed and walking away with the freedom to plant more during the next months. Maybe they just don’t understand the responsibilities of child-bearing and child birth.

  • Pogo

    Lumping feminism in with cartel crimes is so disgusting that it defies words. How can anybody take this person seriously?

  • kallen

    It is comforting to see that religious wackjobs are found in other places besides the US.

    “Sins” such as abortion, feminism, corruption and cartel violence were the cause of such tragedies, Sandoval said as the young boy was made to stroke the cardinal’s ……

  • I am a pro-choice Catholic and live in Mexico. Cardinal Íñiguez’s point-of-view does not reflect mine. His words are hyperbole designed for an emotional response when we need thoughtfulness and discernment. This sort of extremism is contrary to the spirit and tone of Pope Francis’s leadership. I know my pro-choice position is not the stance of the Catholic Church, but neither is it contrary. Being pro-choice simply means being in favor of allowing all medical option to be safe and legal. Civil law is not about what is right or wrong, rather it is about a share legal framework to allow people of diverse points of view to get along. For example, I support legalizing drugs because society is harmed more by the violence associated with keeping drugs illegal. Rather than penalizing drug users with prison, it would be better to offer them medical and psychological care to moderate or eliminate their addiction. Legalization of drugs doesn’t mean saying using drugs is right or correct. Same with abortion. Being pro-choice does not necessarily imply condoning abortion. Whether legal or not, some women will want to end their unwanted pregnancy. If abortion is illegal, then women will die from botched illegal abortions. I believe pro-choice to be the more compassionate stance. Every society needs safety releases to avoid absolutes. Abortion and divorce are two such safety releases. Neither is good, but both may be situationally necessary. Governments should not interfere. Yes, a priest can minister to, advise, and pray with their parishioners, but neither a priest nor a cardinal should be trying to change laws so that the government becomes a branch of the church. Separation of Church and State is a necessary thing for a civil multicultural society. Is abortion a sin? I don’t know. I am not a woman and will never be faced with making that choice. Is abortion a good thing? No, but life choices aren’t frequently between obviously good options and bad options. The toughest decisions are when there appears to be no good choice available. Agape love means to love without condemnation. I know women who have had abortions. I do not judge them. I include them. I welcome them. Not all my choices have been correct or moral. No one is talking about making my choices illegal, perhaps because I am a man. Society excuses my errors with the generality, “boys will be boys,” like that makes it ok. Cardinal Íñiguez’s point-of-view sadly reflect misogyny. Hating women by wanting to criminalize their sins while leaving men alone itself is a sin. Cardinal Íñiguez, remove the log from your own eye before you point out the speck in the eye of a woman.

    • I am also a feminist Catholic. Feminism is the belief in the equality of men and women. That’s it. It really is that simple. Opposing feminism means you believe in hierarchy, in male dominance of women. That is contrary to the teachings of Pope Francis and the example of Jesus. One can be a traditionalist and still believe in the equality of men and women. There can be disagreements as to how feminism should shape society. That is a dialogue that we need. What we don’t need is misogyny. Any belief in that does not accept the equality of men and women degrades all of humanity.

  • Mike S

    Here is a man leading an organization best known for its army of pedophile “celibate” clergy molesting and raping young boys under its control around the world. An organization that historically pillaged and murdered indigenous peoples who did not comply with their fearful fairy tales. Here is a man calling birth control and family planning sinful. Here is a man who needs to be ignored.

  • He forgot to mention the forced conversion of millions of people in the Americas and the more than 100,000 persons burned at the stake for practicing their religion in Mexico while the church enriched itself by seizing their property. The Church is the evil actor that should repent its centuries of sinful conduct.

  • Cool Hand Luke

    Being a born again Christian and not a Catholic, I agree what he is saying is true.
    Murder is murder, whether in the womb or in the streets. We mustn’t try to justify it so we feel better about it.
    And yes, it is murder.
    Easy to say it isn’t when you’re here. Guess you better thank your parents for their decision not to abort you.

    • Vernon King

      Ok so you are against abortion fine but believe me if he could he would screw with you as a born again Christian in a second. I repeat he thinks it right for him to speak for you or I and tell us what to do even if we are not Catholic. So others believe that life does not start at conception as you do so others don’t think it murder. Nothing one can say to change each others mind on this issue.