Sandoval: abortion is the cruelest crime. Sandoval: abortion is the cruelest crime.

Abortion, executions both acts of barbarity

Controversial cardinal speaks out on 'sins' of abortion, feminism and more

Abortion is a crime committed with the same barbarity as a narco execution, according to Roman Catholic Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez.

The staunch pro-life cardinal and former archbishop of Guadalajara made the comparison while officiating at a mass at a soccer stadium in Mexico City Sunday.

“We have sinned with the most terrible, most serious and cruelest crime: abortion,” the cardinal said.

“Practiced up and down the length and breadth of our homeland, sometimes with the consent of wicked laws and sometimes secretly [and] furtively but always with cruelty, with treachery and with advantage taken against the innocent [and] the defenseless,” he continued.

The analogy was followed by the claim that violent murders perpetrated by drug cartel members are retribution for what he considers to be a heinous sin.

“Many thousands of innocent babies are constantly murdered in the wombs of their mothers and in return, in punishment for this crime, organized crime kills and dismembers its victims, just as children are destroyed in the mother’s womb,” he asserted.

The purpose of the mass, organized and attended by Catholic groups as well as members of civil society, was to atone for national sins and seek reconciliation with God following lessons learned in the aftermath of the September 7 and 19 earthquakes.

“Sins” such as abortion, feminism, corruption and cartel violence were the cause of such tragedies, Sandoval said.

The cardinal also asserted that gender ideology represented a threat to both families and life itself and sought to “ruin, subjugate and besiege towns.”

“Without morals or families, our country has no future. Perverse gender ideology, imposed from outside . . . finds enthusiastic promoters in our country,” he lamented.

After the mass, Sandoval led more than 3,000 parishioners in a procession through the streets of the capital until they reached the site of a collapsed building in the neighborhood of Colonia del Valle, where they observed a minute’s silence.

Sandoval is no stranger to controversy and has long opposed not only abortion but also the use of contraceptives and gay marriage.

In 2015, the cardinal presided over a church-sponsored exorcism which sought to banish such ills as abortion, violence, Satanism, corruption and “the legalization of sexual aberrations.”

Source: El Universal (sp), El Horizonte (sp)

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