Avaaz campaign seeks to defeat Trump in November. Avaaz campaign seeks to defeat Trump in November.

Activists launch drive to defeat Trump

International organization estimates 1 million US citizens in Mexico are entitled to vote

An international civic organization has launched a campaign to encourage American expatriates to vote in November’s presidential election and defeat Donald Trump.

Avaaz, an organization that promotes citizen activism on a range of causes, estimates there are 1 million U.S. citizens living in Mexico and believes that many would not vote for the Republican Party candidate.

Americans living abroad are a “more worldly group of people, who understand that the United States is part of a global community and want to be a good citizen of that global community,” said Avaaz deputy director Emma Ruby-Sachs.

Many are from swing states, she said, meaning their vote could have a big impact.

To help encourage those citizens to vote, the organization launched an online tool on Wednesday that is intended to simplify the voter registration process and issue a reminder to voters to cast their absentee ballots before the deadline.

Ruby-Sachs said the official process is not user-friendly so Avaaz designed a system that asks a series of questions whose answers generate a completed registration form.

Because many states require registration prior to a deadline in October, Avaaz is calling its initiative “the October surprise that will defeat Trump.”

The organization is planning an event Sunday at Ángel de la Independencia in Mexico City where American citizens are invited to bring a scanned copy of their passport and complete their voter registration.

Source: El Universal (sp), Washington Post (en)

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