Candidate Marichuy and actor Luna. Candidate Marichuy and actor Luna.

Actor lends support to indigenous candidate

Diego Luna says Marichuy offers chance to change political landscape

Mexican actor Diego Luna has come out in support of indigenous independent candidate María de Jesús Patricio Martínez, better known as Marichuy, in the upcoming presidential election.

Luna, who was born and raised in Mexico, said Patricio offers an opportunity to change the political landscape, while urging his fellow Mexicans to participate in the election.

In an interview, the Rogue One: A Stars Wars Story actor expressed the importance of voting  and encouraged citizens to reward those politicians who have done their job and punish those who haven’t.

Many political parties invite actors, athletes and singers to promote their candidates.

Luna said it’s important to be involved in the process and not to simply have an actor or soccer player endorse a candidate for publicity purposes. He said he doesn’t see himself in that role.

Having Patricio on the ballot would add new concerns to the agenda, concerns to which other candidates are oblivious he said, such as women, the lower class and indigenous people.

A human rights activist and traditional healer, Patricio is the first indigenous woman to run for president in Mexico. The 54-year-old hails from Jalisco, and is from the Nahua tribe.

To get on the ballot for the July 1 election independent candidates must collect 860,000 signatures by February 19.

As of yesterday Patricio had only 150,000 signatures, but said she doesn’t feel defeated by the poor showing. The route she and her followers are on is one that will not end in 2018, she said, but will continue beyond.

She also pointed out that procedures devised by election authorities have not favored her campaign. Getting a signature via a cellular telephone is indigenous regions “is very from our reality.”

The electoral institute developed a smartphone application for independent candidates to obtain the signatures of their supporters.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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