A lineup in an Oxxo store. A lineup in an Oxxo store.

After 7-Eleven tweet, Oxxo makes changes

Chain will open second cash register for long lineups after competitor makes fun of it

There is nothing you won’t find at Oxxo, the convenience store chain wrote on Twitter earlier this year, asking followers to retweet if they agreed.

One of its strongest competitors had a quick reply.

“The second cash register open,” said 7-Eleven in a tweet that generated over 9,000 retweets and almost 36,000 likes, turning the tables on Oxxo’s promotional tweet.

It bombed with a mere 1,900 retweets and just 4,000 likes.

Two weeks later Oxxo responded by placing signs advising customers that if the lineup at the cash register is more than four long they can demand the second cash register be opened.

The move marks an end to years of complaints by Oxxo customers that only one cash register was ever open, leaving the perception that service was anything but efficient.

Oxxo has explained that its second cash register was only intended to serve for administrative purposes, such as providing service to suppliers, recording merchandise and other similar activities.

Although Japanese-owned 7-Eleven is huge by comparison — 64,000 stores in 18 countries compared to Oxxo’s 16,500 in three — the latter is far and away the market leader in Mexico despite the lineups.

It enjoys 73% market share, according to a Wikipedia entry, well above 7-Eleven’s 10%.

And last year was its biggest in terms of new store openings, a record 1,301 for the chain, which is owned by the Coca-Cola bottler and retailer FEMSA.

It attended to 11.8 million clients every day last year and is the largest convenience store chain in the Americas in terms of the number of establishments.

And, some might say, has the longest lineups.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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