Bachman with his family: not going back south. Bachman with his family: not going back south.

After 8 months in jail, American won’t return

Corruption, betrayal led to a Nayarit prison for U.S. businessman

An American businessman who was jailed for more than eight months in Nayarit said he won’t be returning to Mexico any time soon despite his 20 years in business here.

Entrepreneur Troy Bachman of Brightwood, Oregon, was freed late last month after being charged with fraud in connection with the alleged non-payment of money owed to farmers by his produce export business, Fancy Fresh Farms.

On Thursday he gave an interview to Portland TV station KATU, blaming corruption and the betrayal of his employees for his arrest and legal battle. Bachman said he discovered in 2012 that some staff were stealing from him.

When he went to meet authorities in Nayarit, he was jailed and accused of not paying farmers.

“I met with them to do accountability and they had other plans for me. I wasn’t there five minutes and the police had me handcuffed. There was no warrant for my arrest. They didn’t have anything to detain me.”

He was confined to a 3.5 by 4.5-meter cell with one bed which he shared with seven others. “Those people who do not fit in a cell sleep in a hallway like sardinas all stacked up in a can. It’s pretty brutal and those people next to you aren’t good Samaritans. You know, they’re pretty heavy people.”

Bachman, who had operated four businesses in Mexico since 1994, was found not guilty in October but the prosecutor appealed, and he remained in jail.

His case wasn’t helped by the first two lawyers, whom he described as corrupt. “I probably don’t have to say it but it’s extremely corrupt,” he said of Mexico in general.

Today, Bachman says he has nothing left but was happy to be home.

“It’s just a great feeling to be back here in my cabin. I’m definitely gonna stay on this side of the border. I can tell you that. I’m not gonna be wandering off somewhere in Mexico.”

Source: KATU-TV (en)

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